We can forget about herd immunity. Antibodies to COVID-19 have only a few percent of the population

The latest large-scale testing for COVID-19 antibodies in the Spanish population did not give a positive result. In short, we can forget about the so-called strategy herd immunity.

61 thousand took part in the study volunteers , so we can consider this to be the largest COVID-19 study on the scale. The purpose of the study itself was to check what percentage of the population had developed a sufficiently large number of antibodies to protect against infection with the virus. The research was led by Marina Pollan, director of the National Epidemiological Center in Spain - a country belonging to the group of countries that suffered the most severe effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus - the acquisition of herd immunity seems very unrealistic.

I could take the risk and write that it's almost impossible, but let's leave this few percent chance for another occasion. The survey conducted by the Pollan team shows that out of 61 thousand people, only 5% developed effective number of antibodies protecting against re-infection. respondents, i.e. about 3 thousand people. Interestingly and very importantly: at the beginning of the study, such antibodies were present in 14 percent. subjects . This means that naturally acquired immunity is unstable and short-lived.

This discovery sheds new light and may change the strategies adopted by some countries (e.g. Sweden), which still focus on the gradual acquisition of so-called herd immunity by citizens.

What is herd immunity? This is a situation in which approx. 60 percent societies develop (after having undergone a given disease) natural antibodies, thereby immunizing against a highly contagious threat and neutralizing them, preventing it from further spreading. However, studies conducted in Spain prove that in the case of coronavirus, this strategy is practically impossible to implement.

So far, scientists do not know yet what determines the longer persistence of COVID-19 antibodies in the body. However, it seems that a large number of people who have already become infected with coronavirus and have recovered may become infected again.

If this is the case, then without an effective vaccine, all social distances at the beginning of the pandemic should not be relaxed. The risk of infection has not diminished at all.

The only premise when it comes to abolishing certain provisions may only be that about 80 percent. infected with COVID-19 shows no symptoms and does not need hospitalization. The remaining 20 percent society is no longer in such a happy situation and should be on guard. And before getting infected, no one can check which group they belong to.

We can forget about herd immunity. Antibodies to COVID-19 have only a few percent of the population


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