Watch out for similar jobs on Facebook. You won t find a job and you will lose money

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An extremely perfidious phishing campaign on Facebook is underway. It mainly feeds on people seeking employment after a pandemic crisis. The ads promise a nice salary, and they seriously want to rob us.

Once again, the dream of a utopian world knocks us reality. It would seem that during the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, humanity will unite so much to support each other and get out of this crisis as soon as possible. Nothing could be more wrong.

As Prebytes noticed , on Facebook we can find information about the newly opened cosmetics company. We can buy something from her or, especially important, work there. The company offers a salary of 3.4 thousand net full time. Nothing but apply - especially since after a pandemic beauty salons closed a lot and many unemployed beauticians are looking for a profit.

Work on is a scam on Facebook.

The job advertisement contains a link to the form that we would fill out. It does not look too suspicious, although we already share our basic personal data - such as name, education or telephone number. Well, but after all we apply for a job, so let them be.

Next, we have to wait for the SMS sent to the number we provided in the form. This will inform us of the email sent to our address - asking you to also check the spam filters of our email service. The first email contains a PDF document with workplace regulations. The second one with a link to the transfer that is to make us credible. Authenticate? Transfer?

That should cool our enthusiasm. What happens, however, when we decide to transfer this PLN 1.01? The link leads to a fake version of the PayU payment service. Counterfeit very efficiently - the forms of all banks have been flawlessly reconstructed. Unfortunately, trying to log in to complete the transfer, in fact, we provide cybercriminals with our credentials for the bank account.

It's difficult to divide thieves into better and worse. This kind of phishing, however, is particularly disgusting because it preys on human misfortune. I hope that none of you or your loved ones were fooled.

Watch out for similar jobs on Facebook. You won't find a job and you will lose money


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