Vege IKEA. The iconic meatballs will go to the meatless stores

Since I gave up meat for a plant-based diet, my visits to the IKEA chain store have lost their flavor a bit - literally, because I had to give up meatballs. Now IKEA responds to the growing demand and introduces its plant-based version to its offer.

Meatballs at IKEA are a dish that in many circles has a great passion, if not a cult. Especially hungry and eternally broke students regularly look at the canteens of the Swedish network just to enjoy cheap and good food.

Contrary to what you might think at the price of meatballs, they are not made of cardboard left over from unpacked products. As we read in the composition on the packaging, the iconic meatballs contain "only natural ingredients": meat, onions, breadcrumbs, eggs, water, salt and pepper, and a pinch of a secret mixture of spices, which determines their unique taste.

According to officially released information, IKEA annually sells one billion of these specialties worldwide. In Poland alone, up to 340,000 are served in different variants. portions of meatballs per year.

Until now, only one thing was missing - a vegan alternative, other than a vegetable cutlet.

Plant meatballs at IKEA

The Swedish canteen menu has just expanded.

IKEA ensures that the meatballs are so similar in taste to meat balls that we won't feel the difference. Both the taste and texture of the meat have been preserved, and this was achieved thanks to the combination of yellow pea, oats, apples, onions and potatoes.

The product is therefore 100 percent. vegetable. In addition, it is environmentally friendly not only because of reducing animal suffering, but also through a low ecological footprint - this is only 4 percent. meatballs.

Małgorzata Bochenek, IKEA Retail Business Development Director in an official press release says:

We want to limit the sales of meatballs around the world to reduce the climate impact of IKEA gastronomy. Thanks to the new proposal, we can now offer meat lovers a more sustainable alternative - without giving up the taste that so many loved. We believe that our planet-friendly meatballs will steal the hearts of many carnivores!

IKEA wants to be a climate neutral business by 2030. Restricting sales of meatballs is another step towards fulfilling this promise.

Vegetable meatballs will go on sale on August 1, 2020. They will be served with mashed potatoes, peas, vegetable roast sauce and blueberry, all for PLN 9.99.

They will also be available for purchase in the shop under the typically IKEA name "HUVUDROLL frozen meatballs". 500 g of new meatless balls will cost PLN 15.99, which is slightly more than meatballs, which we will buy for PLN 24.99 per kilo.


Meatballs are not the first vegan specialty in the Swedish giant's offer . In 2018, vegan hot dogs appeared on the menu, which today account for 1/10 of sales of all hot dogs. Vegan strawberry ice cream and vegetable meatballs, which have been on offer since 2015, are also available.

By introducing an alternative to meat into its offer, IKEA can do more for the climate than through all other aspirations. After all, breeding and the meat industry are responsible - depending on the place - for 20 to even 50 percent. human CO2 emissions, not to mention land use and pollution.

Every step towards reducing meat consumption by humanity is a good step.

Vege IKEA. The iconic meatballs will go to the meatless stores


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