USB4 was supposed to clean up, meanwhile a new standard is entering. Thunderbolt 4 ready for 8K monitors

The ports look a bit poor. We have Thunderbolt 3, HDMI and one USB-A ...

As it turns out, USB4 will not be one standard for the USB-C connector. Intel has just announced the successor to Thunderbolt 3. Like its predecessor, the fourth generation also significantly extends USB capabilities.

At the time when the USB4 standard was announced a bit naively, we believed that we would enter new and beautiful times in which, looking at the USB-C port on the device, we would immediately know all its possibilities. However, this will not happen, although it may be good: Intel has just announced the Thunderbolt 4 standard, which will also use a USB-C plug. Why is that good? Because the number of improvements over ordinary USB4 is significant.

USB4 offers data transfer at the level of 20 Gb / s and power supply with 7.5 W. Meanwhile, Thunderbolt 4 will provide 40 Gb / s and will support two monitors at one connector in 4K resolution (Thunderbolt 3 allows you to connect only one). It will also provide 15 W of energy.

Thunderbolt 4 is not only the speed of data transfer.

Intel also announced that it significantly increased its requirements for hardware partners. In the case of Thunderbolt 3 they could implement it in the full version and cheaper, limiting the data rate by half. In the fourth version, such a maneuver will no longer be possible.

In return, however, we have a guarantee that Thunderbolt 4 will easily handle the 8K monitor. Docking stations will have up to four TB4 connectors, and the standard itself will support waking up with a mouse or keyboard. The cables can now be up to two meters long.

The first computers with Thunderbolt 4 are expected to appear later this year, with Intel Tiger Lake processors on board.

USB4 was supposed to clean up, meanwhile a new standard is entering. Thunderbolt 4 ready for 8K monitors


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