UKE will have a new boss. Jacek Oko will take the position of the president

We already know who will manage the Office of Electronic Communications. The position of the President of UKE is to be taken by Dr. Eng. Jacek Oko, recommended by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki himself.

The coronavirus thwarted the plans of both the Office of Electronic Communications and Polish mobile operators, and the so-called the 5G auction did not take place. Her dismissal coincided with changes at the management level of UKE.

How did the president of UKE change?

About backstage canceled listings 5G and " night changing of the guard " in the Office of Electronic Communications we wrote April 30, 2020. At the beginning of May, Marcin Cichy, the President of UKE dismissed the new regulations in the Shield anti-crisis 3.0, explained to us , in turn, how it all came from his prospects.

Now, that is a little two months later, we finally find out who will replace Marcin Cich in his current position. It turns out that it will not be, as previously suspected, Krzysztof Dyl, but Dr. Eng. Jacek Oko. He was to be recommended by none other than Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.

The candidacy of the president of the Office of Electronic Communications must now be supported by the Seym.

If the so far unofficial information provided by Rzeczpospolita is confirmed, the recommendation of the prime minister who indicated the person who will now deal with the telecommunications and postal markets will have to be supported by the deputies. Currently, after the recent changes in the law, it is the Sejm that has the decisive vote in this matter.

In the majority government, such a vote will probably only be a formality, and the current deputy chancellor of the Wrocław University of Technology, as Jacek Oko currently holds, will soon be in UKE. It is not known at the moment whether he will continue to lecture, inter alia, after taking up the new position. security in cyberspace, or will quit working at the university.

There is nothing to worry about whether the new president in the Office of Electronic Communications will cope with and face the challenges of the implementation of 5G in Poland . Jacek Oko previously worked on signaling monitoring systems in telecommunications networks and an interactive IPTV platform. He cooperated with such companies as Telefonia Dialog, TK3, Televideomedia and Avista Media.

UKE will have a new boss. Jacek Oko will take the position of the president


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