TVN and Polsat side by side against Netfliks. A new player will be created on the VOD market

TVN and Cyfrowy Polsat Group are preparing a ceasefire. Two competitors on the Polish VOD market, i.e. Player and Ipla, will join forces in the fight against Netflix.

Player from TVN and Ipla from Polsat are the two most recognizable video services on demand with a Polish pedigree. Instead of competing side by side with foreign services like Netflix, which stormed our market, they compete with each other.

TVN and Polsat are preparing a ceasefire

Already last year, the first reports appeared that in the near future both tycoons of the Polish television market were to join forces on the Internet. A joint venture agreement was then signed, under which a completely new VOD platform was to be created, which would have content from both TVN Discovery and Cyfrowy Polsat Group.

The case then ceased, and Player and Ipla continue to develop - in the latter case there was even an Apple TV app , and the first one is to be expected. This does not mean, however, that TVN Discovery and Cyfrowy Polsat Group have shelved their joint plans. A new service is being created all the time and now new information has been added to the network.

How will a new player be created on the Polish VOD market?

According to Telepolis , Cyfrowy Polsat Group is establishing a new independent company, and TVN Discovery will buy half of it as soon as the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection allows it. Initial funding will amount to a maximum of PLN 30 million from both companies, which will also provide their own content.

In addition, TVN and Cyfrowy Polsat will already jointly purchase licenses for films, series, sports broadcasts, documents and other programs from external suppliers. There will probably be brand new exclusive productions for this platform.

TVN Discovery and Cyfrowy Polsat Group must now convince the European Commission about the validity of their project.

The new Polish website will be available not only in the country on the Vistula, but also in other EU Member States. Thanks to this, both inhabitants of these countries and Poles living abroad will have access to Polish and licensed content.

This promises to be extremely interesting, although we do not yet know what name the new website will receive and when it should start. For now, everything is in the hands of officials, and in addition the parents of the new service, that is Player and Ipla, do not have to be a thing of the past when it appears. There is a good chance that all three websites will exist side by side.

TVN and Polsat side by side against Netfliks. A new player will be created on the VOD market


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