Transferring numbers most often chose Plus

If you have recently transferred a phone number to another operator, there is a good chance that you chose Plus. According to the latest report for the second quarter of 2020, Plus was number one. Where did the customers leave from?

The President of UKE provided a number portability report in the second quarter of 2020 . It was a really special period, as it was due to the closure of the economy caused by coronavirus. It can be seen in the statistics right away, because the number was transferred only by 279884 customers in this period. For comparison, in the second quarter of last year there were 458384 changes, and in the first quarter of 2020 there were almost 430 thousand. overs.

Who gained, who lost? Plus a big plus.

Let's get to the specifics. Polkomtel (Plus) definitely won the second quarter, with over 67,521 numbers. 46577 left, which in total gives the best balance of 20944 new customers.

At the other extreme was the operator P4 (Play), from which 104363 numbers left, and 47192 arrived. This gives the total result of the loss of 57171 thousand. numbers.

T-Mobile also found itself in the big four below the total loss of 11,620 numbers. Orange ended the quarter with a total score of 9518 more numbers.

It is also worth noting the surprisingly large growth in Premium Mobile, which is a virtual operator from the Cyfrowy Polsat Group. Premium Mobile ended the quarter with a result higher by 13672 numbers than in the first quarter.

The entire report can be traced on the Office of Electronic Communications website .

Transferring numbers most often chose Plus


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