Transfer of the year in the world of telecommunications. A Pole becomes the head of the foreign branch of Orange

Mariusz Gaca will lead the local Orange branch in Moldova. This unprecedented event may open the way for him to lead Orange Polska in the future.

Just as sports fans are excited about transfers of players between teams, enthusiasts of new technologies are closely following the reshuffles in management positions in listed companies. Personnel changes say a lot about the direction companies will take in the near future.

These types of transfers happen basically every day, but we rarely deal with such a real earthquake. Today, however, it happened, and now all eyes are on Orange. It turned out that Mariusz Gaca is leaving Orange Polska ...

… And the same Mariusz Gaca will lead Orange Moldova (Orange Moldova).

Mariusz Gaca, the vice president of the Polish branch of Orange, today informed the Supervisory Board of Orange Polska that he has accepted the Orange Group's proposal and will only perform his current duties until October 31, 2020. Then he will move. His next stop is Moldova.

Mariusz Gaca will take over as president of Orange Moldova, the company's Moldovan branch, on November 1, 2020. This promotion of our compatriot in the international structures of the pan-European mobile operator is a very significant change. Until now, no Pole has managed another Orange branch.

It cannot be ruled out that Orange Moldova is just a stop for Mateusz Gaca, which will lead him to an even more prestigious position. It is possible that after a few years the current vice president of Polish Orange will return from Moldova with new experiences and he will become the next head of Orange Polska.

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And who exactly is Mariusz Gaca from Orange Polska ?

The current vice president of Orange Polska graduated from the University of Technology and Agriculture in Bydgoszcz and the University of Warsaw. He started his career in 1995 in the Elektrim Group, and then he cooperated with the Telekomunikacja Polska Group, where he was responsible, as the director of the multimedia department, for the development of Neostrada.

The implementation of the Internet offer for individual customers and for companies was perceived in Orange as a huge success. It was probably thanks to this that the person responsible for Neostrada was later responsible for the merger of PTK Centertel with Telekomunikacja Polska and the creation of Orange Polska.

Mateusz Gaca became the vice president of the local Orange branch he created in January 2014. His work is also a daughter company of Orange Polska, i.e. Integrated Solutions. Its portfolio includes Orange Love convergent packages, Orange Flex service and eSIM implementation.

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Transfer of the year in the world of telecommunications. A Pole becomes the head of the foreign branch of Orange


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