Today at 18:00 a small celebration of PlayStation fans. Here you will see the demonstration of DualSense for PlayStation 5

Today at 18:00 Polish time there will be a presentation of the capabilities of the DualSense controller for PlayStation 5. The show will be conducted by Geoff Keighley - the organizer of The Game Awards.

At 18:00 Polish time we invite you to Spider's Web. The following player will then start demonstrating the capabilities of the DualSense controller for the PlayStation 5 console. The presentation will be hosted by Geoff Keighley, known in the gaming industry - the organizer of such initiatives as Summer Game Fest and The Game Awards.

18:00 Polish time. DualSense controller show:

The show will start with an introductory panel, already scheduled for 17:30 Polish time. The main part of the presentation focused on the pad for PlayStation 5 starts half an hour later. During the stream we will see all or most of the capabilities of the DualSense controller. Sony has implemented advanced haptic technology, adaptive triggers with variable pitch and resistance, and has also switched to the USB-C standard.

The DualSense presentation will also be the best opportunity to dispel doubts about butterflies once and for all. Some players think that Sony intentionally does not show the backs of the controller. There are supposed to be additional butterfly triggers there. This solution is appreciated by professional console players, allowing you to save milliseconds of time during such activities as throwing a grenade or using a special skill.

Butterflies or not, DualSense is a very interesting addition to the PS5.

You can see that Sony has put a lot of work and effort into the next generation controller. I wonder if the haptic solution will be groundbreaking enough to become a new standard in the gaming industry. Sony has already established such a standard once, with the help of vibration in the DualShock controller for the first PlayStation. Will history come full circle and in a few years will all other console manufacturers implement haptic communication to their pads? The show scheduled for 18:00 will definitely help us form an opinion on this topic.

Today at 18:00 a small celebration of PlayStation fans. Here you will see the demonstration of DualSense for PlayStation 5


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