Three months with the Husqvarna Automower 315X robotic mower. I look at the lawn and tell what I see

Three months - that's how long it has been since the Husqvarna Automower 315X robotic lawnmower appeared in my garden. Time for a summary.

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Here I will focus on the summary, i.e. whether I was satisfied, whether I would decide to make such a purchase, and whether there were any defects or something particularly irritated me.

Perhaps I will start perversely, because with the issue that usually appears at the end, that is:

Were there any problems during this time?


And that is actually the answer that completely exhausts the topic. For the entire three months (plus a few bonus days), the lawnmower never failed. It never got stuck, never got lost, never ran into somewhere where it could not leave (and my lawn is quite free ), and it never discharged somewhere in the middle of the garden, requiring me to manually move it. He also did not send me any incomprehensible messages - neither through the application nor through his private screen. Nothing, nothing at all. He was not disturbed by heavy rains and the sun scorching to the limit.

Since it was first started more than three months ago, it just turns on, mows, mows every morning and stops and disappears from the lawn at noon (or earlier). I didn't change anything in the original configuration - it turned out to be good enough.

Why am I writing about this at the very beginning of the text? Because I have fresh memories of the adventure with a robotic mower from another brand, sold much cheaper than the Automower 315X I tested. It was placed in the garden (much simpler than mine) of one of my family members, who soon went on a long vacation. And what? And on the first day I had to drive a total of almost 100 km to find a mower that just got lost and manually push it back to base track. Apparently, the next day the neighbors asked for help had to do the same.

There was nothing like that for me. For independence, I would definitely give the Automower 315X maximum stars.

Which does not mean that the robot is absolutely maintenance-free.

He drives alone, mows alone, returns to the base himself, he also replenishes the energy in his batteries and decides himself where and how to mow. However, it is worth taking a look at it from time to time and taking care of it a little.

What I did most of the time was… just wiping the robot with a damp cloth. The Automower 315X cannot be washed with a hose (it can, for example, be done with the Automower 305), but is also made of materials that are very easy to clean. It may not be crucial for the robot's functioning, but it just looks much better after such a minute's treatment.

However, I must mention one issue, which was already mentioned by the Authorized Husqvarna Dealer during assembly - if we have a slightly more complicated lawn and, for example, low-hanging tree branches, the robot will scratch over time. And you can see it on my copy - it doesn't look like it has passed , but here and there you can see slight scratches. Although they do not threaten the structure in any way, it cannot be counted that, for example, after 2-3 years the robot will look perfect.

However, if someone would be disturbed by this or want to additionally protect their mower (or change its appearance), you can order a sticker from an Authorized Husqvarna Dealer in a pattern of your choice ( here is an example ), which will help avoid the appearance of scratches or mask those that have already appeared .

Apart from wiping, the only major service I had to do once every 3-4 weeks was cleaning the wheels from grass and mud accumulated in the grooves, which was probably related to the recent heavy rainfall and, at the same time, more rapid grass growth, thus - more mowed particles.

Importantly, however, it did not limit the robot's mobility in any way. He didn't slide in the wet and he had no problem driving over bumps or climbing uphill. On the other hand, the clogged wheels turned - at least according to my observations - into small rollers, which left not a huge, but quite noticeable mark on the longer and wet grass.

And that's about it when it comes to servicing the robot on my side. 2 minutes with a cloth as desired and 2 minutes with a stick once a month. End. I won't even count how much time I have saved compared to mowing by hand with a regular lawn mower.

Soon, it would probably be appropriate to include the replacement of the blades to these service activities - because the conditions in my garden were not always perfect (stones coming out of the ground after rain, a dog collecting sticks that I missed), but it also takes a few minutes to work with a simple screwdriver.

The most important question - are the results visible? Does the garden look better?

Yes. Absolutely yes. It is worth dividing this answer into three parts.

The first affirmative answer comes from the fact that ... a lawn mower should have a properly prepared lawn. In my case, various kinds of dog toys and sticks were regularly stored on the lawn, which definitely did not have a positive effect on its appearance. The lawnmower proved to be motivating enough to control this mess and to check regularly that there was nothing left on the lawn. Effect? Predictably simple - the extra tidiness that immediately made the lawn look… just neater.

The second affirmative answer is also only partially related to the lawn mower. I've never been a huge fan of gardening, and that hour a week or a fortnight was usually mowing by hand, and then I felt I had worked enough to move on to other activities - not necessarily in the garden.

Now that the lawn is forever mowed, I no longer have that excuse. I am not wasting this hour on mowing the lawn, but on other garden work. And the garden is certainly grateful to me.

But yes, I know, you are most interested in the work of the robot itself and its effects.

Here I will disappoint those who were hoping for some dramatic twist. I have no objection to how the Automower 315X mows, despite the fact that the task was not easy - my garden is full of traps in the form of narrow passages, uneven terrain, oddly led edges, garden decorations, trunks of long-cut trees and the like. There is even a large pond in the middle of the garden.

Neither element was a challenge for the 315X. This is probably due to the professionally laid boundary and guide wire, but let's face it - the wire itself is not everything.

The cable itself did not make the grass - actually regardless of the unevenness underneath it - cut almost perfectly evenly. Almost, because if I lie down on the lawn and measure each blade from this level, I will certainly be able to find single blades that protrude above the height of the others. However, we are talking about individual cases, and not, for example, about whole clumps of grass that get out of control. This is important because my lawn is definitely not uniform - if you do not mow it for a few or several days, you will easily notice that some fragments grow faster, while others - much slower. No challenge for the Automower 315X.

But something else made a much greater impression on me.

It's a fact of how much a lawn that is mowed every day comes to life . Although I was advised by an Authorized Husqvarna Dealer, it is known - it is in his interest to praise his product.

However, I can confirm it with a clear conscience - after three months (the change was visible after two in total) the lawn is completely different than before regular mowing. The grass is much denser, more… resilient and ceases to resemble a neglected meadow and begins to come closer to the grass carpet .

Interestingly, faster and more effective growth can also be seen in places where cavities have appeared. For example, during the recent cleaning of my bike, I accidentally burned a hole in my lawn with extraction gasoline. It's been a while and I'm no longer able to recognize where it was. However, fertilizing with mulched grass every day does the job.

Anyway, not to sound groundless, this is what the lawn looked like when the mower was installed:

And like this:

And yes:

But today it looks like this, without any help from me:

And like this:

All photos were taken with the phone and, apart from reducing the size for publication, nothing was modified in them.

Yes, my lawn is still not perfect, but that's not the robotic lawnmower's fault anymore. He did his job - without my help - very well.

Does mowing every day make sense? I did a little experiment.

Actually, it was done on me. It consisted in the fact that the mower was turned off by the other household member for several days without notifying me when the shutdown would take place.

How long - without checking in the app - did it take me to realize something was wrong? Whole… 2 days. Even after this time, I had the impression that something of the lawn is not so, and that until recently looked much better and more equally. Worried, I started the application - maybe something broke, maybe it's time to replace the blades - and then I saw that the robot was simply stopped manually. Then I found out that it was less than two days ago, and I was already able to see the difference.

It is possible that if someone has a more even lawn, it will take them longer to notice the difference. For me it was less than 48 hours.

So yes - everyday mowing makes sense. It also makes sense to the extent that the pieces of grass mown every day are completely invisible - if I showed someone a lawn, I would probably not be able to believe that I never, not once, cleaned the mowed grass from it.

Just in case, I will highlight one thing: there are no miracles.

The Automower 315X is a lawn mower - not a gardener robot. So he will trim the lawn and fertilize it with mulched grass, but that's it. For example, in my shaded parts of the lawn there is moss here and there, and I have not noticed that this situation has changed. It is similar, for example, with the clover - as it was, it is so. If I want to get rid of it, I should do it myself.

It should also be remembered that how satisfied we are with the effects of the mower's work depends largely on how we run, among others the boundary wire. For three months, I have already noticed a few places where it would be worth remodeling the garden a bit (without drastic movements, cosmetic corrections) so that mowing was more effective and removing the trimmer was completely unnecessary.

It's like - will I buy or not?

I am currently saying goodbye to the Automower 315X robot, which returns to the manufacturer after testing. And I have a choice - what next?

I would rather not buy the 315X model - it is valued at over PLN 10,000, and it is definitely too extensive and too efficient for my needs. However, I am almost sure that the cheaper and simpler model 305 will soon appear in my garden, this time not for tests, but permanently as a private, home purchase. If someone, even out of curiosity, wants to see which model would handle his lawn, Husqvarna provides a suitable calculator in which we can enter the appropriate data and then get a specific recommendation.

My decision is at the same time so much fun that, although previously been interested in robotic mowing, rather it was the interest in the category of intriguing trivia, and not the upcoming purchase. Three months of adventure with such a robot and it is hard for me to imagine that I could mow the lawn in any other way.

Anyway, I will probably not be able to stand without such a mowing robot for a long time - if after two days without it I don't like the lawn, what will happen if I wait 5 or 15 days? I prefer not to even think about it.

* The material was created in cooperation with Husqvarna.

Three months with the Husqvarna Automower 315X robotic mower. I look at the lawn and tell what I see


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