Three COVID-19 cases were enough to evacuate 80,000 people from the city. people

Vietnamese authorities certainly do not underestimate the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. After detecting three out-of-hospital cases in Danang, it was decided to evacuate 80,000. people.

Most of them are tourists currently in the city. According to the Vietnamese government, there are about 80,000 such people. The evacuation itself is to take at least 4 days and according to the official announcement the evacuated people will be transported by air to other Vietnamese cities. About 100 such flights are planned daily.

Why this panic over the coronavirus?

According to the Reuters agency, out-of-hospital cases of infection in Danang mean the return of the coronavirus to Vietnam. The last such cases were detected in April and Vietnam has remained coronavirus free since then. Or at least: no new cases of infection were detected from April until last weekend.

Vietnam's strategy, while it seems greatly exaggerated, has produced quite tangible results. Since the beginning of the pandemic declaration, only 420 cases of coronavirus infection have been confirmed there, which, combined with the rapid hospitalization of patients, has allowed to avoid deaths.

Now, with the ongoing tourist season, these statistics will probably increase slightly. We can observe a similar situation in other attractively tourist countries. A global pandemic is one thing, a carefully planned vacation is another.

If you are going somewhere abroad, it is worth remembering about basic rules, such as keeping social distance and wearing a mask. At least in closed rooms. It is also worth modifying your vacation plans in such a way as to avoid the crowds.

So far, over 16.2 million cases of infections and 648,000 cases have been reported worldwide. deaths caused by COVID-19.

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Three COVID-19 cases were enough to evacuate 80,000 people from the city. people


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