This is what Office will look like now. Microsoft refreshes the office suite

Microsoft refreshes its office suite provided as part of the Microsoft 365 service. The Office ribbon evolves and changes in the menu with the most used functions, which can be separated into a separate window.

The interface of the Windows system and Microsoft applications running in it resembles a kaleidoscope. The company, however, does not cease efforts to modernize it, but instead of a thorough revolution, we experience evolution and a slow transition to the so-called Fluent Design.

The next step in this process is getting rid of the so-called Ribbons . The iconic interface element of the programs that make up the Redmond company's office suite, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc., called Ribbon in English, disappears after many years like the iconic Mr. Paperclip.

Microsoft 365 changes the ribbon

The menu has been modernized and simplified before, but the changes are not over. The ribbon will be replaced with a new toolbar, which you can disconnect from the main program window at any time and move the selected place in the form of a small window.

Where did this change come from? The programmers of the company from Redmond decided that the Ribbon menu, created in 2007, is a purely desktop solution. Today, users use the company's services on many different platforms, and the existing interface has not worked on all of them.

The new menu that will replace the Ribbon in Office is meant to be primarily contextual.

The program should detect what the user is currently doing and present to his eyes only the tools that he will actually use. Such a lack of distractions is to facilitate focusing on a specific task performed on phones, tablets and computers.

In the window, which will ultimately look and work similarly in all Microsoft applications, there is a place for an icon symbolizing a specific application and a universal search bar. A similar solution is already appearing in Microsoft Teams.

We will wait a long time for a thorough remodeling of the Microsoft office suite interface.

Microsoft isn't ready yet to make the Ribbon successor available to all Office users, and developers are figuring out exactly how to fix this. We can expect an update that will introduce the news presented today in a year or two.

Microsoft explained that the work on the new interface sped up due to the ongoing pandemic. The coronavirus has forced many people to work remotely and has upset our work-life balance. It also revealed the ideological and economic problems of the modern world.

Microsoft Office aims to make life easier for people in this difficult reality.

The company's applications from Redmond are transforming from stand-alone programs into a package of services connected with the cloud, which will be adapted to modern realities and will scale accordingly depending on the context. The new Office menu is a manifestation of Microsoft's changed approach to productivity.

These changes are introduced to minimize distractions in our environment. The point is that the content, not the tool, is at the center of our interest. This is to intelligently adjust to what is currently happening on the screen, and artificial intelligence will help in choosing what is important.

Ultimately, such a refreshed interface will replace the existing one in both the desktop version of the Office suite and other applications that make up Microsoft 365, as well as in mobile and browser versions. We will see how users who have used the ribbon for the last 13 years react to this.

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This is what Office will look like now. Microsoft refreshes the office suite


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