This is what the new emoji looks like on Android 11. They ll stop biting with dark mode

Android 11 will bring so few changes compared to its predecessor that for many people the only visible novelty may be ... emoji. Google boasted the final design of new pictograms, which will soon become a standard. Just in time for Emoji Day.

Let's get it over with: the new emoji includes 55 variants of skin color and gender. Readers who are outraged by this fact recommend selling your smartphone right away so that it doesn't accidentally get the Android 11 update. I invite you to learn the rest.

Android 11 is 117 completely new emoji.

July 17 is Emoji Day. There is no better time to show the new version of the pictogram system. It is called Emoji 13.0 and mainly focuses on improving the readability of emoji on dark backgrounds. The dark interface is available on smartphones relatively recently, and emoji have been with us almost always, so changes were needed.

We see that even very dark pictograms - e.g. depicting a black cat or a black heart - are clearly visible on a black background. All black elements are in fact dark gray.

Google has largely focused on animal reproduction. Previous animals have been redrawn, and completely new companions have been added to them. Emoji have more details and are better at mapping real animals. And when it comes to brand new emoji, there will be, among others anatomic heart miniature and a whole lot of new drinks, including drinks.

The Gboard keyboard will have quick access to emoji.

The Gboard keyboard will get a new toolbar with the most-used emoji. The novelty is now available in the current beta version of this application, so we know how the whole will look. A new bar containing 9 recently used emoji will appear above the keys, as well as a shortcut to the entire list of pictograms.

Who will see the new Android 11 default emoji? Few.

Most users will sooner replace the phone with a new one than it will be updated to Android 11, but in addition the emoji theme is more complex. Some manufacturers - e.g. Samsung - use their own emoji look. What's more, large websites like Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp also use their own style.

As a result, each user's emoji may look slightly different, and each user sees a different style in different applications.

And coming back to Android 11 , emoji will obviously not be the only change, but let's not expect a revolution. This system is already very mature, so each subsequent version is just a refresh of the previous one with a few minor functionality improvements.

This is what the new emoji looks like on Android 11. They'll stop biting with dark mode


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