This is the Leica M10-R - the 40-megapixel version of the legendary rangefinder

In a classic body, hand-made in German Wetzlar, a 40-megapixel full-frame matrix was closed. Here's the Leica M10-R at a glance.

New 40 Mpix matrix for architecture and landscape photographers.

The heart of the Leica M10-R camera is the newly developed matrix with a resolution of over 40-megapixels, namely 40.9 Mpix (7864 × 5200 px). It's a big leap compared to the M10 version, which has 24 Mpix. The camera allows shooting at ISO sensitivity 100-50,000 and a continuous shooting speed of 4.5 fps, and the longest possible exposure time has been increased to 16 minutes.

Leica M10-R does not replace the M-10P model offer - it is rather the next version from this family, with a high resolution matrix. As in the case of the Sony A7 series cameras, we have here several models directed to different groups of recipients. Due to its high resolution, the Leica M10-R is equipment designed more for architectural or landscape photography than street photographers.

The new digital rangefinder is to offer much better reproduction of details. The matrix with this resolution also gives you more framing options and allows you to print photos in large formats, which will certainly appeal to the group of creators mentioned above.

An old, proven body that you love or hate.

Apart from the new matrix, not much has changed. The Leica M10-R has a well-known body taken from the M10-P or M-10 Monochrome models, which combines a timeless, minimalist design with high quality workmanship. Some just love Leica cameras, others accuse them that we won't even find a solid handle on the front. I belong to the first group, which I wrote in the Leica M-10 Monochrome review .

The camera display has the same resolution of 1.04 Mpix and a 3-inch diagonal. The M10-R will not find a movie mode, but there is a Wi-Fi module.

Leica M-10R - price in Poland

The Leica M10-R will be available worldwide from July 20, 2020. The retail price is 38 500 PLN.

Here's the Leica M10-R - the 40-megapixel version of the legendary rangefinder


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