This is how integration of Messenger and Instagram will look

Facebook intends to gradually combine its various services, including Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram. Updating one of the messengers partly suggests how it will work in practice.

For today, Facebook has three different messengers that do not work together in any way. It's derived from Facebook Messenger, it's bought and previously independent WhatsApp and it's finally Instagram, with its private messaging system and Threads messenger. Slowly, all these services are about to start getting along.

What will it look like in the overall picture? We don't know that yet, but thanks to Alessandro Paluzzi we learn how it should look from the point of view of an Instagram user. Information Paluzzi discovered in the code of the latest version of the Instagram application.

Hello, Facebook? I have Messenger in my Instagram, please do something about it.

In fact, it is Paluzzi's tweet that describes everything, and I have to translate it into Polish. Instagram users will be visible to Messenger users as addable contacts that can exchange messages freely. The update introduces integration between two networks permanently, which cannot be undone. Friends from any connected network also see if we're online.

It is not clear yet when Facebook messengers will be connected into one network. However, keeping in mind the time Facebook needed to integrate the Messenger, Instagram and Facebook relationships, we can guess that we have at least a few months to integrate.

This is how integration of Messenger and Instagram will look


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