They will fly into space to see themselves in the mirror. The interior of the SpaceShipTwo tourist ship is shown

Founded by billionaire Richard Branson, Virgin Galactic unveiled the interior of its SpaceShipTwo yesterday at an unusual online event. It is he who will take tourists on suborbital flights, where they will have the opportunity to taste the state of weightlessness.

The ship is equipped with a dozen or so large windows through which it will be possible to observe the Earth and the blackness of outer space. There is room for six passengers on board. The seats are designed so that the passengers can withstand the stresses that occur during the flight as much as possible.

Fly into space to view yourself in the mirror

According to Jeremy Brown, the main interior designer, one of the most interesting elements of the cabin, which will remain in the memory of all passengers for a long time, is ... a mirror located in its rear part.

We are convinced that our customers will remember their reflection for a long time, in which they will see themselves floating freely inside the cabin in a state of weightlessness - he adds.

SpaceShipTwo cabin

Like its predecessor, the SpaceShipTwo is a rocket plane carried by another plane to the appropriate height. Once released, it will be able to travel 70 kilometers above the Earth's surface using its own engine.

Up, up and away!

After releasing the latch, the SpaceShipTwo drops for a moment, moves away from its carrier, starts the rocket engine and rises almost vertically.

After switching off the engine, the ship rises for some time to a height of over 70 km, where it turns upside down so that the windows, which are located in the cabin ceiling, face the Earth.

Passengers dressed in space suits designed by Under Armor will be able to unfasten their seat belts and take advantage of weightlessness. Last year, Beth Moses, the company's lead astronaut instructor, on a second flight to outer space, tested passenger grips that allow them to move safely around the cabin. The purpose of this flight was to check the ergonomics of the cabin and to determine how to conduct training for tourists before the flight.


Passengers will be able to vacate their seats for just a few minutes as the ship approaches the apogee of its orbit. After this time, they will have to return to their places, and the ship will turn around again and begin re-entering the atmosphere towards the Earth's surface where it will land in a shaft flight.

SpaceShipTwo was designed and built at the Virgin Galactic facility in Mojave, California. Flights will be operated from Spaceport America in New Mexico, where each passenger will have to undergo several days of training before the flight.

George Whitesides, until recently the company's CEO, announced that four crew members will be testing the cabin as passengers during the next flights.

So far, the date of the first flight with passengers who have already purchased a ticket has not been announced. So far, the company has collected initial payments for the flight from over 600 people. The price of the flight is $ 250,000 so far. per person and although it is possible that it will even increase in the near future, in the long term the company aims to lower it so that more people can touch "almost" space for a while.

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They will fly into space to see themselves in the mirror. The interior of the SpaceShipTwo tourist ship is shown


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