There is no mistake. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 will debut together with the Galaxy Note 20

Samsung could not be more obvious in this announcement. The company's new foldable smartphone will debut in two weeks.

So far, we have not had any confirmed information about the release date of the successor Samsung Galaxy Fold. There was plenty of gossip and speculation - probably right - but no specifics.

Now Samsung is already hiding and making a suggestion so strong that there is no mistake.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 will debut together with the Galaxy Note 20.

In the new teaser of the Unpacked event, announced on August 5, two unambiguous suggestions are made.

The first is the description. "One fold, infinite possibilities" can relate only to a folded smartphone. The second is graphics in teaser - symmetrical butterfly wings, like the wallpaper of the first generation Samsung Galaxy Fold.

So there is no mistake - the successor will debut on August 5, along with the top Samsung Galaxy Note 20 , Galaxy Buds Live headphones and Galaxy Watch 3 .

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 - what do we know about it?

Here we enter the sphere of guesses and unconfirmed information, but we already know a lot.

First of all: the name. The new Samsung "fold" will not be called Galaxy Fold 2, but Galaxy Z Fold 2, taking over the name from Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

It can therefore be assumed that from now on Galaxy Z will be the next series among the brand's devices - just as we now have Galaxy A, Galaxy S, Galaxy Note, etc.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 will be equipped with an AMOLED display with a diagonal of 7.59 ", resolution 2213 x 1689 px and 120 Hz refresh rate. Of course, we're talking about an internal folding display. The external screen will have 6.23 ".

samsung galaxy fold 2

The processor that will drive the new "fold" remains unknown. Usually the production is divided between Samsung Exynosy and Qualcomm Snapdragons, but who knows whether after the protests of Samsung users will not decide to standardize the production line and release the variant with Snapdragon 865 worldwide.

However, we know that the processor will be supported by 12 GB of RAM and will offer up to 512 GB of data space.

The whole will be powered by a 4365 mAh battery.

As for cameras, they are supposed to be the same sensors as in Samsung Galaxy S20 and S20 +, i.e. the main one with 64 Mpix resolution and two 12 Mpix modules to complete.

We will see on August 5 how far the above predictions will turn out to be true.

Personally, I hope that the rumors about the lower price of the device will be confirmed . The more hands the folded screen technology hits, the faster and better it will develop. For now, a handful of affluent gadgets can use folded smartphones, but there is no doubt that folded smartphones are the future. The sooner it arrives for more consumers, the better for everyone.

There is no mistake. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 will debut together with the Galaxy Note 20


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