There is money here. You ll get them when you kill your funny apps, Google told Samsung

For many years, Samsung has been consistently developing its digital services offer, trying to convince its customers that they are even better than those offered by its partner - Google. I guess the Koreans finally succeeded, because Google is starting to react at least in an unusual way.

Android with One UI is more than just a so-called Android overlay . Modifications do not end with the significant enrichment of the functionality of the system itself and with its own design idea. Samsung has been trying to promote its services for years with pre-installed applications.

Samsung Internet instead of Chrome , SmartThings instead of Google Home , Bixby instead of Google Assistant , Samsung Health instead of Google Fit . The company tries to become independent from its partner so much that it even concluded an alliance with Microsoft for this purpose. Android with One UI offers OneDrive as the default cloud, Xbox as a gaming platform, and Microsoft 365 for work, and provides unique integration points with Windows 10 .

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The problem is that as long as Samsung wants to provide users of its phones with access to Play Services (including Play Store, Google Maps, Gmail and the rest), it must meet Google's requirements for the default system configuration. The manufacturer of Galaxy devices is obliged to display and promote Google services beyond their own. It is not difficult to guess that even if the alternatives from Samsung are very successful, their possibilities of acquiring new users are quite limited.

After so many years something has started to happen. Google makes an interesting offer to Samsung : money in exchange for turning the head of the whole enterprise.

According to a Reuters report , Google would like Samsung to abandon the Bixby assistant and the Galaxy Store repository. In return, Google offers Samsung a greater share of ad revenue from viewing and interacting with them through Google services and Galaxy devices. The details of the revenue distribution are not known.

According to information obtained by Reuters, Google has been planning to make Samsung a hard-to-refuse offer for years, waiting for a convenient moment. Today, the largest manufacturer of Android phones is in some trouble: the coronavirus pandemic has had a significant impact on the number of phones sold, significantly affecting revenues.

The outcome of these negotiations could have a profound effect on all cell phone manufacturers.

More than one Samsung is trying to take over Google's customers. A significant part of the hardware partners, headed by Huaweiem, does it more or less successfully and consistently. Other products of these manufacturers help in this: TVs, watches, household appliances and the rest of smart electronics by default work with Bixby, SmartThings or Samsung Health, sometimes even offering no direct point of contact with Google services.

Although it is difficult to talk about the spectacular success of these services, they have several key advantages. First, the income from them does not need to be shared with anyone, even if they are not high. Secondly, users of these services provide the manufacturer with a set of completely new data, allowing him to better understand his customers. And third, Android and Google aren't going anywhere - keeping an alternative just in case is a precaution, hardly stupid.

Therefore, it will be very interesting whether Samsung, in temporary trouble, will bow to the pressure and financial temptations of Google, or whether it will stand firm when developing its own services and an alliance with Microsoft. Diversity comes at a price and it does good for the consumer market, so I'm cheering for the persistence of Koreans. In addition, I use SmartThings and Samsung Health myself - they suit me best of all the alternatives and I gladly recommend them to others.

However, if Samsung collapses, maybe the mobile market has already become almost entirely conquered by four companies: Apple, Google, Facebook and Microsoft. Because even if Samsung is not able to keep its initiative so carefully and wisely built, I don't know who would.

There is money here. You'll get them when you kill your funny apps, Google told Samsung


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