The Xiaomi Vertical Wireless Charging Socket is priced at 109 yuan

Xiaomi continue its activities in the field of supply of new equipment through financing platform, today another device called vertical Xiaomi launched wireless charging socket. This product will be available from July 15 to start the financing period.

During the fundraising campaign, the device will cost 109 yuan, which is roughly equivalent to $ 16, but the final price will be 129 yuan ($ 18). It seems that this device is only available in white color option.

Xiaomi Vertical Wireless Charging Socket uses dual-core wireless charging to charge devices that are positioned horizontally or vertically. The maximum wireless charging speed of this device is 10W.

This charging socket is designed in such a way that the socket can be used as a mobile stand with a viewing angle of 20 degrees. As a charging socket, it is equipped with three USB ports and its only output port is 18W.

The device also uses a new standard combination jack, and according to the company, its two standard combination jack sets can meet the needs of the two branches of the desktop. There is also a green color indicator in this socket to indicate the charging status.

Xiaomi Vertical Wireless Charging Socket for 109 Yuan was first introduced at the Xiaomist.Com . appeared.


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