The Viomi VSLAM intelligent robot vacuum cleaner was launched at a price of 1099 yuan

Xiaomi Viomi environmental chain has launched a new robotic vacuum cleaner. This product is called Viomi VSLAM intelligent robotic vacuum cleaner and is accompanied by VSLAM visual guidance system. The product is actually priced at 1,599 yuan (8 228) but is currently available at Xiaomi youpin at a discounted price of 1,099 yuan (7 157).

The Viomi VSLAM intelligent robotic vacuum cleaner uses a Japanese NIDEC fan with 2600Pa suction power and 4-speed suction mode adjustment. Its new generation cleaning system, which has double-sided brushes, collects dust and does not scatter it. Using its V-shaped anti-twist roller brush, it can collect hairs on the ground that are difficult to clean.

This robotic vacuum cleaner supports three sweeping and mapping modes, which include an integrated sweeping and mapping mode, sweeping alone, and mapping alone. This vacuum cleaner has a narrow body and its thickness is only 7.8 cm and makes it easy to go under the bed and clean under the sofa.

In addition, it is equipped with an HD viewing camera that can quickly capture environmental information on the go. The components of this camera can combine the features of 40,000 dots per second and quickly create an environmental design. Using intelligent VSLAM algorithm, analog neural network algorithm and path calculation rate of 60 times / second, this device can automatically select the best paths among the planned multi-path schemes to perform the cleaning task effectively.

Its built-in 3200mAh battery has a maximum battery life of 2 hours and also supports automatic charging. This vacuum cleaner has 12 different sensors inside, can detect and prevent obstacles up to 2 cm.

The Viomi VSLAM intelligent robot vacuum cleaner is currently available for pre-order at Xiaomi youpin in China.

Viomi VSLAM intelligent robot vacuum cleaner was launched for 1099 yuan for the first time in Xiaomist.Com . appeared.


  1. I bought this one and i am dissatisfied with the app. You cannot edit the map that is created. And it is totally different with the reality. If anyone has different opinion i would like to discuss him.


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