The US Army has a ban on Twitch. For cheating

Some evil genius in the US Army recruitment department came to the brilliant conclusion that recruits are best sought through spam and fraud. Twitch had no patience with that.

We have heard a lot about the creativity of American army recruiters. There was even an online shooter America's Army - quite nice and popular - to encourage young players to adventure in boots and to serve their homeland. And this is just one of many initiatives.

Not all ideas from the military recruitment department are perfect, and one of them was very bad. According to The Nation's investigation , the official US Army channel on Twitch - a popular live broadcasting service - occasionally received a link to an attractive prize competition.

The American army competition on Twitch is a fake. Ban was predictable.

The link published sporadically on the channel suggested that it led to a competition in which one could win a relatively expensive Xbox Elite Series 2 gamepad. However, after clicking instead of the competition, Internet users were shown a recruitment form for those wanting to enlist. No mention of any prizes, draws or anything.

For now, the army's press office is not answering journalists' questions. Twitch announced that such advertising activities that mislead viewers are inconsistent with the terms of service, which is why the US Army account has been banned.

It seems that someone will soon be recruiting staff for a radar base in northern Alaska. With recruitment office on site.

The US Army has a ban on Twitch. For cheating


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