The sun in Polsat s logo has just acquired a new meaning. They entered the solar panels

Polsat Group will start offering photovoltaics to its customers. The solar panels will be installed by Alledo under the completely new Esoleo brand.

Many different companies operate within Polsat Group. The media empire of Zygmunt Solorz-Żak is the owner of, among others Cyfrowy Polsat television, mobile operator Plus, and recently took over the Interia internet portal . However, the ambitions of the Polish company do not end there.

Polsat Group and photovoltaics

Polsat plans to build photovoltaic installations for its customers, or in human language: solar panels. Alledo, which is part of the Group and has many years of experience in assembling such equipment, will take care of it.

Polsat Group has decided that photovoltaic services, thanks to which everyone will be able to generate their own electricity, will be provided under a completely new brand. The company decided on the name of Esoleo, and the offer will be available for start throughout the country.

How to mount Esoleo solar panels?

To do this, you should contact the representatives of the new brand, but it will not be difficult, fortunately. Polsat Group announced today that the Esoleo offer from Polsat Group will be available in over 1000 places.

It is worth noting, of course, that such a network of showrooms and customer service points does not come into being overnight. Esoleo will simply benefit from the fact that it is part of the Polsat Group and will use the infrastructure of Plus and Cyfrowy Polsat.

esoleo photovoltaic group polsat alledo 1

Polsat now wants to "make our country sunny"

The company's achievements include the expansion of the satellite television network with a logo in the shape of the nomen omen of the sun, and the company boasts that it is a pioneer of LTE and 5G in the country . Now it is the turn of the production of its own electricity on a "mass scale".

The group argues that anyone who decides to take advantage of Esoleo's offer will "be able to produce their own electricity", which will reduce electricity bills "by up to 95 percent". The impact on the environment is also important.

How Much Can You Save With Esoleo?

According to the company's representatives, in the case of houses where the electricity bill is usually PLN 250, savings from own photovoltaic installation can reach up to PLN 100,000. PLN within several years. You can also get a subsidy.

Currently, funds for installing solar panels can be obtained from the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management. The program called My Electricity gives people 5,000. PLN for the purchase of a photovoltaic installation with a capacity of 2 to 10 kWp.

esoleo photovoltaic group polsat alledo 2

In addition, Cyfrowy Polsat Group reminds that its customers can take advantage of the so-called thermomodernization tax relief for natural persons. This saves you money when you take advantage of the comprehensive Esoleo offer from Alledo, which includes:

  • assembly and necessary components,
  • 3-year insurance included in the price,
  • LTE internet from Plus for monitoring for 3 years included in the price,
  • 15 years of technical support.

An incentive for customers is the fact that the investment is "turnkey". It is the service provider who documents and reports to the power grid. Esoleo also works with banks that can grant loans for this purpose.

The sun in Polsat's logo has just acquired a new meaning. They entered the solar panels


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