The successor to LG OLED TV is launched. It has a modest 163 inches diagonal

lg microled

MicroLED is a technique similar in the way it works to OLED. The main difference is the use of synthetic elements instead of organic ones, which significantly affects the durability of the matrix. LG is just getting ready for its premiere.

Today, the OLED television matrix market is monopoly. If any TV manufacturer wishes to use this technology, they must turn to LG Display. No wonder the market is looking for a way out of this strange situation. TV manufacturers, led by Samsung, are researching MicroLED technology.

MicroLED offers very similar advantages over LCD technology to OLED. In this type of matrix, there is no need to illuminate the pixels with an external component: each pixel shines with its own light, which provides control over the image and contrast in practice unattainable for LCD matrices.

However, unlike OLED matrices, microLED matrices do not use organic compounds. As a result, they are more durable, which makes it possible to increase their brightness and eliminates the need to use sophisticated protection against faster wear of OLED matrices due to the long-term display of static elements on them.

LG is not going to defend OLED at any cost. It will not give up the field of competition and has just announced its first microLED TV.

The first commercially available microLED TV from LG will have a diagonal of 163 inches (no, it's not a typo) and will work in 4K resolution. It is worth bearing in mind that due to the already astronomical prices of the first microLED devices, the competition also starts with televisions of this type from the largest (i.e. the most expensive) matrices: Konka showed a 118-inch model, and Samsung a 75-inch one.

The matrix of the LG TV set consists of modules with a resolution of 640 x 360 pixels each. The TV is to offer 1,200 nits of peak brightness, 600 nits of typical brightness and an infinite (i.e. perfect) contrast.

The TV set is expected to appear in stores next month. The price is not known yet, but it will most likely be expressed as a six-digit number, of course, translated into the Polish currency.

The successor to LG OLED TV is launched. It has a modest 163 inches diagonal


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