The Pole created indestructible material. Perfect for the production of bicycle locks and ... armor for the army

Once again, we managed to improve the idea of ​​nature. This time it is Proteus material which is indestructible. Of course, under certain conditions.

This material was developed in collaboration with researchers from Durham University and the German Fraunhofer Institute. The man who led the research is Polish - it is Stefan Szyniewski, who is an assistant professor of applied mechanics at the Faculty of Engineering in Durham.

Proteus - indestructible material?

Szyniewski, in a publication that appeared in Scientific Reports, points out that the Proteus material, indeed, is indestructible, but only under certain conditions. To explain this, the easiest way is to discuss its structure, modeled on… the hard shells of aragonite mollusks and the structure of the grapefruit peel.


Proteus is a material that has only 15 percent. steel density. The hook, however, is in its structure, which consists of a flexible material in which ceramic, very small and very hard balls are embedded. What does it do? Indestructible, of course. More specifically: indestructible against an angle grinder. Szyniewski himself explains it as follows:

- It's like running the grinder blade through jelly in which hard lumps are embedded. The blade will hit them as it goes downhill, and the jelly itself will vibrate so that it cannot cut.

More or less the same principle works when a sandbag works when it stops a bullet fired from a firearm.

The properties of this material make it seem ideal for the production of bicycle safety devices, which are still able to withstand an appropriately efficient hacksaw or grinder. The second potential application is, of course, the production of all kinds of armor for the military.

Due to its low (compared to steel) density, Proteus could be successfully used, for example, as filling in bulletproof vests. The team responsible for creating this material also speculates that it could be successfully used in the production of many types of civil machinery. And the bicycle machines mentioned above. Which of these ideas will be the most profitable? We will find out about this in some time. A lot of time will pass from creating a prototype to mass production of the material, and on the way it may turn out, for example, that its production is completely unprofitable.

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The Pole created indestructible material. Perfect for the production of bicycle locks and ... armor for the army


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