The owner of ARM is short of money. It can be a real gem to take over

huawei arm

The same ARM, which is responsible for the construction of most microprocessors on the market, may soon change ownership. Japanese Softbank needs cash.

In 2016, ARM became part of Softbank - the transaction was worth USD 32 billion at the time. The Japanese giant wanted to increase its competence in the field of Internet of Things devices and in portable electronics thanks to the famous processor design company. However, according to Wall Street Journal reports , Softbank is seriously considering partial or total sales of ARM.

The plan under consideration assumes the sale of USD 41 billion. Softbank resources, which would allow the company to buy back its shares. Goldman Sachs, advising Softbank, pointed to ARM as an obvious source of cash. Apparently, everything indicates that Softbank will go for it. And this means that one of the most important companies on the electronic equipment market will be take over by almost any interested entity. At least one of the richest ones.

ARM for sale. Is it worth buying a hardware company that produces nothing?

ARM itself produces nothing. The company only deals with research and development, and the effects of its work are available in the form of intellectual property, which can be used in exchange for a license fee. Many companies use this. Today, ARM architecture is considered to offer the most favorable ratio of computing power to energy consumed.

Processors using the ARM architecture are used, among others, by Apple, Samsung, Nvidia, Qualcomm, belonging to Huaweia HiSilicon, Broadcomm, AMD, LG, Texas Instruments, Mediatek and many others. In fact, it is only Intel and AMD that today offer processors for consumer equipment with a non-ARM architecture.

The announcement about financial problems coincides with Apple's recent decision to completely abandon x86 architecture in favor of proprietary systems using ARM architecture. In this context, it would be particularly interesting if HiSilicon, Samsung, Intel or Microsoft became the new owner of ARM patents. Although this seems unlikely.

The owner of ARM is short of money. It can be a real gem to take over


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