The heat generated by Facebook servers supplies the Danish heating network

More and more big technology companies are focusing on environmental and social issues. One of them is Facebook, which last year supplied its offices and server centers with energy that in 86 percent. came from renewable sources. At least, this is what results from an official report published by the company.

Already two years ago, Facebook announced that it is committed to using renewable energy sources as much as possible. At the time, this declaration assumed a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (emitted from the production of electricity used by Facebook) by 75 percent. and supporting the company's global operations with 100 percent renewable energy by the end of 2020. The report for last year shows development in the right direction.

Facebook and renewable energy

- We are well on our way to achieving our goals this year. Only in 2019 did we achieve a 59 percent decrease in our greenhouse gas emissions compared to 2017 levels, and we achieved 86 percent renewable energy. We have also been recognized as the first corporate buyer of renewable energy in the United States. by the Renewable Energy Buyers Alliance - and No. 2 in the world by Bloomberg NEF. In addition, we committed to our first direct investment in a renewable energy project as part of the 300 MW Prospero Solar Project in Texas. - we can read in the report.

Delving into the details presented in the document, we can also learn that Facebook currently has 1.3 GW of green electricity generated by wind turbines and solar panels. One of the major investments in a green future is a huge Texas solar farm. Thanks to such efforts, Facebook managed to reduce its own CO2 emissions by about 100 thousand. metric tonnes of carbon dioxide, i.e. as much as approx. 22,000 a year cars.

Facebook also supports local communities

We are talking here about the data center in Odense, Denmark, which implemented solutions that allow the heat generated by servers to be transferred to the Odense heating system. The project is currently being developed to provide 100,000 MWh of energy per year, which according to Facebook is expected to heat 6,900 homes of the local community. This project, of course, also helps the city in accelerating its efforts to phase out coal consumption by 2022. Prior to cooperating with Facebook, the Odense authorities assumed that they would be able to achieve this goal only in 2030.

Facebook also invests in water purification. Projects implemented in New Mexico enabled cleaning of 17 acres of wetlands and several miles of running water (mainly streams), which in turn had a very positive impact on the comfort of living of such endangered species, such as trout and silvery Rio Grande fish and south-west flycatchers.

To sum it up in one sentence: Facebook invests more and more willingly in environmental protection. This is very good news and even if these projects are implemented only to improve the company's image, their environment is the biggest beneficiary, which is very positive news. The official justification for Facebook's activities is:

- We believe that climate change is an urgent issue for the world today and we are making every effort to meet this challenge. Earlier this year, we worked with various global organizations to develop our Climate Conversation Map, which provides new information that can accelerate climate action. In addition, we've worked with organizations such as We Are Still In, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, and the Stockholm International Water Institute to promote sustainable practices and support climate action.

The full report can be found here.

The heat generated by Facebook servers feeds the Danish heating network


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