The Fujiiryoki JP2000 massage chair showed me what a real premium product means

I've been having a massage for over two weeks every day. Yesterday intense, stretching this morning and then relaxing. It's all on my terms: at home, after work, at the series. Fujiiryoki JP2000 is one of those test equipment that I will miss very much.

Let's say it at the very beginning. The Fujiiryoki JP2000 armchair is a product from the absolute highest shelf in the massage armchair category, as well as the most expensive product I have ever tested. And I sometimes review cameras and camcorders that sometimes cost up to 30,000 zł.

In the case of Fujiiryoka JP2000 it is impossible not to start with the price, because this one is really impressive. The armchair costs approx. 42 thousand PLN, but after two weeks of daily falling into its embrace I understand exactly where this price level came from.

Let's start from the beginning.

From the very first moments you feel that we are dealing with a premium product and the manufacturer cares for the customer. The armchair weighs about 80 kg, but it doesn't matter because technicians handle the transport and installation. In my case it was two very nice, and at the same time very professional and competent employees, who not only raised and set up the armchair in the place I had chosen, but also trained me in basic service. With a smile, without aversion to his duties, often encountered in such situations.

When I was finally alone with the new piece of furniture, I jumped into the seat excitedly, not expecting what was about to happen in a moment. On the touch screen I chose the Whole Body program and experienced one of the biggest surprises in my seven years of work on Spider's Web.

The armchair folded into a very comfortable lying position, and the screen informed me that it would analyze my body structure and adapt the massage elements to it. A few moments later a series of sounds coming out casually from my mouth surprised even myself.

I felt the masseur grab my feet and stretch my legs. After a pleasant neck massage, I felt the pressure of my elbow on my back, and a moment later the forearm moving to the lumbar part. After a few minutes of surprisingly diverse and intense compressions, I began to wonder if I would accidentally take part in the hidden camera and the masseuse hidden inside would not leave the chair in a moment.

He didn't leave. This extremely wide range of oppressions and strains was implemented through the mechanisms themselves.

I would never expect that mechanical elements are able to imitate the masseur's real hand movements so faithfully.

The Japanese company Fujiiryoki is a veteran of the massage chairs market. The manufacturer has been in operation since the 1950s, and today regularly improves constructions that - it might seem - are practically perfect.

This is also the case with the latest and most advanced model in the company's offer, i.e. the tested JP2000. Compared to its predecessor, JP1000, it is distinguished by the use of artificial intelligence algorithms for personalized massage. One of the elements of this system is the body analysis mentioned above. The chair not only automatically adapts to the user's height, but also detects the position of the spine and the position of the head or shoulders to ensure the most precise and individual massage.

The armchair is able to massage the whole body, including feet, calves, hips, buttocks, lumbar region, back, shoulders, neck and even hands, which are placed between special cushions. The massage is performed along the spine line and is carried out with the help of massage arms imitating hand movements. For this we have 31 airbags.

A foot massage made a huge impression on me. Cushions catch the feet in a very decisive way, and then specially designed rollers precisely massage the feet, bringing first pressure and then relaxation.

The armchair is equipped with 23 automatic programs and countless variants of manual massage selection based on 45 available techniques.

If you do not want to think long, you can choose predefined settings, e.g. half-hour massage available in several scenes, or a short seven-minute program, which works great as a break in working at the home office. Believe me, I used it every day, and even several times a day.

During the massage, the giant range of movement of the elements of the chair surprises. The position of the lying body is constantly changing. The shoulder blades are raised (literally!) A few centimeters up, and then gently return to the starting position. The motors move the massage elements steadily and firmly along the spine line. The chair not only massages the external muscles, but also deep muscle parts, which is clearly felt after a more intense session.

Let's say it straightforward: some programs can really give bones.

Sure, you can only use the relaxation program, but try to choose a strong thirty-minute massage of the whole body, and I guarantee that you will feel the muscles even a day later. I had similar feelings in my life only once, after a real Balinese massage during a trip to this island.

It is worth adding, however, that the pressure force of the massage arms can be selected to suit your needs and the level of familiarity with the massage. We have a seven-level scale for massage arms and a five-stage scale for airbags. If the sensations are too intense, you can reduce the strength of the massage.

The icing on the top of the cake is heating.

One of the key aspects of massage is heat. It would seem that the chair is not able to simulate the warmth of human hands, but even this art succeeded Fujiiryoka engineers. The tested model JP2000 - like high-class car seats - allows you to heat selected parts of the body. In this way we can warm not only the back, but also the chest and stomach thanks to detachable lobes.

It is an incredibly pleasant feeling, and yet we have summer. I suspect that in winter you can literally fall in love with this function.

It is really difficult to describe all this to a person who has not had contact with an armchair.

When I told friends and family about this device, I saw a note of disbelief on the faces of my interlocutors. As if they subconsciously assumed that I was exaggerating with my description of the chair's options. That massage - of course - may be pleasant, but in the end it's only an armchair.

With amusement I watched the reactions of people whom I invited to use Fujiiryoka JP2000, while remembering my first massage in this chair. This simply cannot be described.

Disadvantages? I can only see two. The first is of course the price. Second, the sounds accompanying the massage. The engines and air pumped into the cushions can be clearly heard. After a few massages, however, you stop paying attention to it, the more so if you turn on the music as part of relaxation, or use headphones to completely cut off from the surroundings. You should also remember that the chair must be connected to the power supply, so it may turn out that it will not work best in the middle of the living room.

The advantages are a whole lot, ranging from the quality of workmanship and the materials used (synthetic leather reminiscent of natural), through a wealth of settings, simplicity and intuitiveness of use, to unbelievably extensive massage options.

The most important, however, is that you can have a massage every day. In fact, several times a day! Quick stretching at night, calf massage after running training, and in the evening a long relaxation session. It's all completely spontaneous: without booking dates, without wasting time on commuting, without receiving strangers in your own home. On its own terms. I think that this fact is the biggest advantage of the Fujiiryoka JP2000 armchair and that's why customers are able to spend a considerable amount on this luxury product.

The text was created in cooperation with Rest Lords .

The Fujiiryoki JP2000 massage chair showed me what a real premium product means


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