The first Polish supplement for players. Gaminate is our G-Fuel, and I ask: what is it for who?

Gaminate is the first supplement for gamers produced in Poland. What does it actually mean and how does this specificity differ from the classic energy drink available in every supermarket? I asked at the source.

Everything can be "gaming" today. Not only monitors, headphones, armchairs, mice and keyboards, but also a whole range of other products. I've seen snacks for players, clothing for players, even shoes for players. Seeing the ever-growing revenues and revenues in the video game sector, producers of various goods are trying to get at least a little bit of this pie. They often do it very ineptly, and even comically.

So when I see a gamer supplement I roll my eyes like a teenager.

Food can be just as branded as any other product. Probably every Polish consumer remembers Chiquita bananas. Today, the food offer is wider than ever before. Dedicated product groups are arranged in stores not only based on the type or country of import, but also on the lifestyle. Veg sections, bio sections, supplement zone - this is already standard in most of our supermarkets. So if bodybuilders and athletes have their products, why not players?

Someone may say at this point that the main difference is that an athlete or bodybuilder must follow a proper diet. After all, it has an impact on its performance. It is very easy to bounce such a ball. The right diet affects not only the achievements of athletes. Food correlated with parameters such as reflexes and concentration are important for many different social and professional groups, e.g. drivers and students.

Already two decades ago, the gaming media wrote about the special diet on which the then Quake champion is found. Properly balanced meals as well as additional vitamins and minerals were to improve his reflexes. In turn, there is nothing more valuable than reflexes, competing in online shootings on personal computers. With that example in mind, I never doubted that diet affects not only the performance of athletes, but also many other professions. Despite this, the supplement for players still seems to be at least an unusual product.

There are people and personalities behind Gaminate.

The face of this drink is, among others popular youtuber Cyber ​​Marian . The drink is advertised by the currently best Polish CS: GO player: Michał Michu Muller. The e-sport legend of the Polish scene is also involved in the promotion: Fryderyk Veggie Kozioł. The well-known and recognized personas are to prove that Gaminate is something more than just another jump on the players' money. According to the manufacturer, the supplement is more effective, tastier and cheaper than its much more recognizable counterparts on Western markets.

Players from the United States, Great Britain, France or even neighboring Germany have heard about supplements for players years ago. G-Fuel or GG are products that look like sets for athletes and bodybuilders. Huge fluff, small sachets, teaspoons and shakers - all this set, characteristic of the gym locker room, landed on the desks of Western players. Gaminate, in turn, is to win the hearts of Polish consumers. All because of the formula that makes us perform better in video games. At least theoretically.

I asked for a comment on the composition of Gaminate from a fitness trainer, nutritionist and former bodybuilder. According to my interlocutor, our reflexes or concentration will be best achieved by a desirable eight-hour sleep, adequate hydration, a well-chosen set of meals and at least a minimum level of physical activity. Gaminate, on the other hand, is like a strong caffeine injection - it works temporarily, it can also help in the long term, but it will not replace a proper diet. Equipped with this knowledge, I decided to confront it with what the manufacturer of the gamer supplement itself has to say.

I asked Marcin Leśniak, responsible for Gaminate, a series of difficult questions.

Szymon Radzewicz, Spider's Web: Gaminate may resemble another jump on players' wallets. Who is it for?

Marcin Leśniak, creator of the Gaminate recipe: The fact that today many products are strictly aimed at gamers should not come as a surprise - gaming is currently one of the strongest global social trends, significantly affecting the reality that surrounds us. However, there are many companies on the market that actually create products tailored to the specific requirements of players. This is the case with Gaminate. You cannot find a second product with this composition and effect in any nutritional store. Upon a deeper analysis of our composition, it can be seen that the ingredients are mainly focused on the action of the so-called pro-cognitive (developing cognitive abilities), but there are no components responsible for blood supply and the so-called muscle pump. We focus primarily on improving mental performance.

I look at the ingredients and I see a great deal of caffeine. Basically 1/2 of the maximum daily dose per shaker.

One of the key functions of our product is fast energy delivery to the user. Here, caffeine is unrivaled. I spoke about it with one of the best neuropharmacologists in the world, who said that apart from drug substances, nothing can beat caffeine in this dimension. Caffeine is one of the essential ingredients in our formula, but only one of the twelve active ingredients.

We model the way caffeine affects the body by combining it with other ingredients (l-theanine or bacopa monnieri). Thanks to this, it is possible, for example, to reduce negative accompanying reactions, such as the feeling of anxiety, shaking hands or dispersing thoughts. The entire structure of Gaminate is based on building a matrix of 12 specialized ingredients (and a complex of vitamins supporting it), acting synergistically. The aim is to ensure long-term and maximum mental and physical performance.

People with diabetes, obese people, people with hypertension - these are also gamers. Can they drink Gaminate?

In our composition, apart from the well-known caffeine, there are no substances that are highly allergenic or that can cause significant negative effects for the body. However, ethics and a sense of responsibility do not allow us to say that you can drink Gaminate regardless of what diseases you suffer from. If someone has serious diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension (especially at a young age), or, for example, neurological diseases, then he should absolutely ask his doctor for the opinion.

As for the typical allergic symptoms, I have not heard of a case where any of the substances present in Gaminate ever provoked a strong reaction in anyone. What is very important for every user, and certainly for those who are diabetic or obese, is the fact that our product does not contain sugar.

Has the product been tested? Has its short and long term impact on consumers been studied?

Yes, we tested it for several months on several dozen people. Mainly players, but also our friends. First of all, to confirm the desired action. When it comes to the issue of the safety of the product itself and its possible harmfulness, it is worth emphasizing that it is a supplement. Not a drug. It consists of ingredients the effects of which are well known and which are widely approved for use in dietary supplements and even food products.

Each dietary supplement officially introduced (this is an important issue, because many products that could not officially be placed on the market can be purchased in online stores) on the market is subject to mandatory notification to the General Sanitary Inspector. This ensures that there are no products on the market that contain potentially dangerous or insufficiently tested ingredients, or that their dosages would exceed those accepted as recommended.

Who is mixing it? Who's throwing it? Who is transporting it?

I constructed the recipe myself, with ongoing consultation with technologists who work on the development of dietary supplements on a daily basis. In doing so, for me personally, the conviction that we absolutely cannot hurt anyone with our product was much more important than a potentially stronger action or business goal.

As for the production, everything is done professionally. Our partner is Fitness Authority - one of the largest producers of supplements for athletes in Poland. The production of Gaminate takes place in this company, which has many years of experience, all the necessary certificates and qualified staff. An external company that we commission to handle shipments is responsible for the logistics process. We can already see that the entire chain works perfectly. We are able to deliver the product within several hours of ordering.

Will I be a better player with such a dietary supplement?

Noticeable, significant effects in terms of improving cognitive abilities are not achievable after drinking a portion of the drink. In order to have such an impact, it is necessary to ensure adequate supplementation with a complex of appropriate ingredients in appropriate doses that can work for at least several weeks. Here we touch the clue and our real advantage over other similar products:

Our entire global competition has either only a few ingredients in doses that correspond to the recommended daily doses, or has a longer list of ingredients, most of them only acting as a "statistic" - their dose is minimal and has no right to cause promised effect. The latter approach is so common that it already has its name in the supplement industry - the so-called "Dusting", or adding ingredients in trace amounts.

When creating Gaminate, from the very beginning, we assumed that it must be a product that has a chance to deliver on the promises made.
Simply put - we did not want to obscure our customers, relying only on image marketing and optimizing the product for business. We want to be honest with the gaming community because we understand it, are part of it, and we care about it. So - yes, we believe that with our line-up players will be able to improve their results faster.

In six months, Nestle or another Pepsi will come and eat you.

We will greet the competition with warm applause. Especially the high-end one with huge budgets. What is most needed now in our product category is to educate consumers, show them and explain what such a product is. How it works. What advantages does it have. Everyone who helps us lead this education, and thus build the market, is very welcome by us.

We are also not afraid of a collision with the corporate machine. This is not a category or market situation in which a corporation can take advantage of the advantages of scale. Here, ingenuity, agility and being authentic through personal commitment and understanding the needs of the community are more important than the size of the budget. We have a product that is professional in every respect at a price that no corporation will be able to face, because the margins we work on are not completely corporate. So when we think about possible competition, we feel very comfortable.

Would you like your daughter to drink Gaminate every day while playing CS: GO?

Gaminate is intended for people over 16 years of age. We absolutely do not recommend eating it by younger people. As for people above this limit, the answer is obvious - no, I wouldn't mind.

The only questionable ingredient on our list may be caffeine. Certain doses should not be exceeded, because then it can reveal its destructive face. However, when consumed wisely, it does not pose a threat. My 16-year-old daughter drinks two coffees a day and uses more caffeine than there is in one serving of Gaminate.

The first Polish supplement for players. Gaminate is our G-Fuel, and I am asking: what is it for who?


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