The EliteBook x360 830 G6 is designed to meet the VIP requirements. I checked if he was successful - review

elitebook x360 830 g6 review

This is not a computer that is supposed to look nice or dial 60 FPS in games. It is a device that is to ensure the most convenient and safest possible work on sensitive data. There is no point in buying it for home. But is it worth equipping our employee with the EliteBook x360 830 G6?

HP EliteBooks can be divided into two families. The 1000 series is intended for the president - these are premium-class business computers, in which we pay a lot for elegance, style and form. The 800 series is for those who can save a little. So for lower-level employees, the computer is used for work. It's just that not only with accounting in Excel or something similar, but also - and perhaps above all - working on information and data that is sensitive to the company, which need to be processed quickly.

EliteBook x360 830 G6 - which I borrowed from HP Poland - is just such equipment. The sample I tested was equipped with a Core i5-8365U chip with 8 GB RAM, but it is definitely better if someone has the funds for it. The computer can even be purchased with i7-8565U, 64 GB RAM and 1 TB PCIe NVMe - depending on the needs and condition of our company account. The tested configuration featured a matte 13.3-inch Full HD IPS LED SureView display. The whole weighs 1.46 kg.

Simple doesn't mean lame. The HP EliteBook x360 830 G6 isn't very elegant, but so what.

In addition, elegance is a matter of taste and I do not doubt that at least some of you like the design of this computer. Personally, I also like raw aesthetics, but for me it's a bit too utilitarian here. However, this is only my opinion with which you do not have to agree. The computer itself - as the x360 member informs in its name - also has a hinge that can transform the laptop into an uncomfortable (but always!) Tablet.

The silver casing seems very durable. It is partly made of aluminum (lid, palmrests) and partly of magnesium (bottom of the computer). The quality of workmanship is at the absolute highest level. I did not throw this laptop on the walls, it is also not adapted to it, but I am absolutely sure that this equipment will withstand many travel adventures. Nothing creaks, nothing protrudes, nothing bends - a superficial inspection without disassembling the computer seems to suggest that in terms of build quality, it is a very high-end device. The hinge of the lid works very well as well, offering no resistance, but also holding the display firmly in the set angle.

It's a work machine, so none of it will remove ports to make the computer look prettier and slimmer. We can find here both modern USB-C with Thunderbolt 3, but also HDMI or classic USB-A. I just do not understand why there is no memory card slot - after all, cameras are used not only by professional photographers, often less artistic photos (scans of some documentation, for example) we want to quickly translate to a computer. Detriment. I would also stick to the fact that when we put away the stylus attached to the computer, its magnetic compartment causes the pen to cover these ports. However, I admit that I do not know how I would have solved it better.

Among the classic business elements , the Ethernet port is missing - we will have to, if for some reason we need it, buy a USB network card with this connector. Besides, we have everything you need: Wi-Fi 6 and LTE. The whole thing is complemented by a very average webcam, which can be physically covered with an appropriate cap. Enough for conversations on Microsoft Teams. But that's it.

I mentioned the security features above. EliteBook takes them extremely seriously, so issues such as Kensington lock, smart card reader or biometric authentication compatible with Windows Hello are something that is present and obvious on this computer.

Keyboard and trackpad? As almost always with HP.

In the vast majority of their computers, HP uses very good keyboards - it is no different in this case. The EliteBook x360 830 G6 writes very comfortably, although I would stick to two things. First of all, where the Home and End buttons are usually located, we have the ones to receive voice calls from the SIM card. I also really didn't like the cursor arrow buttons - the vertical ones are almost clickable.

Nevertheless, the disadvantages end there. It is a very good keyboard with a relatively deep pitch and sufficient hardness. The buttons are made of a very pleasant material, resistant to dirt and sweat from the hand. The backlit keyboard is accompanied by a glass-covered clickpad (so without physical buttons) measuring 11 x 6.5 cm. It is good and pleasant to the touch - it is difficult to praise in particular, but it is also difficult to fault it.

The whole interface is complemented by a fairly generic stylus (more for notes than sketching) and a touchscreen. The responses to touch and the pen are almost instantaneous, although the stylus itself has a slightly noticeable latency - although it is very precise and fits well in the hand.

Privacy and protection above all. The Sure View has been HP's secret weapon for a long time.

You sit in a pub, travel by plane, work on a bench during a break. It's nice and convenient, but it also means that bystanders can peek at your computer screen. And you are currently working on an offer from a company that has not yet been announced - this is very confidential data, it should not be read by outsiders.

You have two options. Or you can go to a more secluded place. Or you turn on Sure View and stop worrying about it. This function significantly lowers the viewing angles of the display - so that its content can only be seen by the person directly in front of the computer. Step to the side and you won't see anything anymore. Just as a nosy passenger sitting next to you on the train will not see anything.

The display itself will not impress graphic designers. It is bright and sharp, so working with the text is very pleasant. It is also very bright, although the evenness of the backlight leaves a lot to be desired. The color reproduction (about 93% of the sRGB palette) also leaves something to be desired. For amateur work with Photoshop or Netflix, it is enough - displays, however, have been HP's Achilles' heel for a long time, the new EliteBook unfortunately does not stand out positively here.

Speakers… are there. Even nice and decent quality. These are definitely not high-end laptops, but you can also listen to something or watch a movie on it.

Safety has also proven to be more important than raw performance.

The tested machine included Core i5 from the Whiskey Lake generation and vPro required by many companies. Fortunately, HP allows you to replace the RAM yourself (there are two slots), so you can invest to some extent in the performance of the equipment after its purchase.

Unfortunately, for some reason, the Elitebook x360 830 G6 achieves benchmarks slightly worse than competing machines with similar components in their databases - despite the latest system and drivers version. I'm not sure what is causing this: monitoring applications show that the CPU voltage is rarely stepped down to cool it down.

I theorize that it is about copyright and very effective mechanisms to protect against spyware and malware. In any case, the tested HP in processor tests reached an average of 12 percent. worse result than ThinkPad X390 Yoga with very similar components. Weird. Although this is compensated by the fast mass memory (approx. 1600 MB / s read, approx. 1800 MB / s write, sequential, according to CrystalDiskMark 3).

It must be admitted, however, that this computer is quiet - even at high speed, the fans humming softly in the background, not distracting us from work. However, the battery life could be better, although it is also quite decent. With the browser always open with a few scripted tabs, Photoshop, Word and Slack frequently refreshing in the background, the computer calls for the charger after seven hours. So not bad, but the competition can work even longer.

Everyone can see the horse as it is. And there is a lot of it, it is a very solid proposition for companies.

Of course, I mean the workhorse - after all, the EliteBook x360 830 G6 aspires to this role. The most important feature of this computer is its security. HP firmware protects the hardware against infections, not only at the Windows level, but also at the firmware and UEFI level. And the Sure View display is absolutely unique - and it works great when you need something like that. The computer is also well-made in terms of quality, has many ports, you can also buy it RAM on request.

It is a pity, however, that such a focus on security and privacy likely had an impact on performance. The new EliteBook is fast, but the competition is even faster. It is a pity that there is no microSD reader. And subjectively, it is a pity that HP does not know something about displays lately - I do not judge the brilliant SureView here, but the uniformity of the backlight or colors.

This is a great computer for the office. To work with Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365 or the company's applications hosted by the cloud, there is no other suitable solution. It is durable and properly equipped, it is characterized by a very high work culture and even higher safety. For home or for a creative agency it makes no sense. But if we want an employee to buy a work tool that they can rely on - the HP EliteBook x360 830 G6 with tablet function, based on my experience, one of the best choices. The cheapest version of this computer costs 5.3 thousand. zł.

EliteBook x360 830 G6 is designed to meet the requirements of VIPs. I checked if he was successful - review


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