The biggest change in Pokemon GO history. Rallys at any distance, with friends, are already working!

Rallying is the primary source of desirable, legendary Pokemon. Players in less urbanized areas have always been harmed because of this. Now it's finally changing. Rallying with friends remotely now works in Pokemon GO!

Pokemon GO run in a big city and small town are two completely different experiences. In the first case, there are a lot of stops, many freely occurring creatures and groups of players, which you can join in the most demanding activities. Smaller towns do not offer such pokemon resources, and finding a rally group sometimes borders on a miracle.

Niantic overwhelms the differences. From now Pokemon GO allows you to rally from a distance with friends.

It's enough for one of our friends to start a raid. The player creates a classic lobby, where a completely new option has been added: inviting friends. Even those hundreds of miles away. The only restrictions apply to the number of people in the lobby. Together with the host, up to six players take part in such remote rallies. It is enough to cope with even the most difficult five-star challenges.

At this time, the host must reach at least level 32 to be able to send invitations to his friends. However, this is a temporary limitation that will be lifted as remote rallying is gradually implemented. Niantic is not simply clogging up its servers, therefore it applies a temporary level criterion. First the limit was 40 levels, then 38, now only 32. If the trend continues, each player will be able to invite everyone to their rallies in the longest possible time.

We are already after several editorial rallies. It's good, but it's not perfect.

The most important message is that the system works. Together with other trainers from the Spider's Web Group, I caught a few creatures today. Warsaw, Krakow, Płock and Katowice have joined forces, catching Metagross and the legendary Kyurema. These are successes that I have not been able to achieve before, playing in the far suburbs of Katowice. To hunt for legends, I always had to go to the city center. Many other players don't even have that option. The more I am glad that remote rallies change this.

The invitation system is still not working perfectly. We were forced to leave the fight twice because one of my colleagues did not see the invitation sent. The friend list filter also fails to show which players are currently online. If you have a large list of friends, this will be a significant problem. Especially since the lobby is only open for two minutes. Niantic might think about extending this time at the host's request.

No more first and second category players?

Remote rallying is an extremely important attempt to bury the differences between players living in large and small clusters. Differences, which have already been somewhat leveled, thanks to new gameplay mechanisms implemented due to the coronavirus pandemic. Niantic is going in a very good direction. From today, some Pokemon GO fans will finally stop feeling like second-class users. At least when it comes to rallying.

I am also convinced that the creators of the game will take a poop, a pile of cash for Remote Raid Pass items needed to play at a distance.

The biggest change in Pokemon GO history. Rallys at any distance, with friends, are already working!


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