The autonomous Airbus plane takes off, flies and lands by itself. He already has 500 flight hours

Very important news for the aviation industry. Airbus has just completed the test phase of its autonomous aircraft piloting system. The Airbus computer pilot has already completed over 500 test flights.

Passenger planes are already packed with systems that are largely able to relieve and in many situations even replace a human pilot. There is still a bit of a lack of full autonomy and computer-controlled flights from start to finish.

Autonomous Airbus

Or rather - it was missing. The new system developed by Airbus and tested on board the A350-1000 XWB relies heavily on image recognition technology.

This information does not reveal much, but we can guess that the image recognition technology mentioned above is based on machine learning algorithms, which each year are getting better at visual identification and learning the world.

In practice, it looks something like this: the algorithm has full access to the aircraft's on-board computer (including its control systems) and, based on the analysis of the image from the cameras installed on the aircraft, it conducts the pilot. From take-off to landing.

The only human crew role that accompanied the new Airbus system during testing was to position the plane on the runway and open the throttle manually. The autonomous system has taken care of the rest. We are, of course, talking about the final testing phase.

Airbus representatives stated several times that in order to equip the algorithm with all the necessary data, the A350-1000 XWB had to make about 450 test flights. Only after such a number of starts, the system was ready for the final test, i.e. a series of fully autonomous flights. Actually, it was six series, each of which consisted of five test flights.

So when will we have fully autonomous planes?

This is not known yet. The official reason for developing an autonomous Airbus system is to reduce pilot workload during flight. Unofficially, however, we can speculate that since Airbus has developed a system that can take off and land on its own at airports, sooner or later one of the carriers will probably propose fully autonomous passenger flights.

And he will certainly find a few countries that will agree to make their airspace available for such an experiment, and in 50 years we will consider it something completely normal and fight for a place for luggage in cabin lockers just like now.

Neo-Buddhists (I just invented this move, so I don't know if it already exists) and professional pilots will probably criticize this idea with all their strength, arguing their protest, e.g. with the fact that no damn algorithm can crash in the river, but they probably won't get too much . Well, unless a compromise in the style of selected flights with an additional charge for a human pilot on board, then it turns out that 99 percent. passengers will prefer to pay less and fly with a computer anyway.

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The autonomous Airbus plane takes off, flies and lands by itself. He already has 500 flight hours


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