The American FDA recognizes IQOS tobacco heaters as products appropriate for the promotion of public health

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) came to this conclusion after completing the four-year evaluation process of research on IQOS tobacco heaters. What does this message mean for smokers?

In short, heating tobacco is actually less harmful than smoking. This conclusion can even be called historical, for we should remember that the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is part of the United States Department of Health and Welfare, is famous for its rigorous approach to tobacco products and is currently considered the best equipped government institution in the world to conduct research into alternative products for cigarettes. That is why her decision is unprecedented and groundbreaking.

What has the research proved?

The FDA has given the green light to IQOS using three messages in the US:

  1. The IQOS system heats tobacco but does not burn it
  2. In this way, IQOS releases much less harmful and potentially harmful substances
  3. Scientific studies have shown that the complete transition from traditional cigarettes to the IQOS tobacco heating system significantly reduces the body's exposure to harmful or potentially harmful substances

Let's give the floor to Mitch Zeller, who is the director of the FDA Tobacco Product Center:

- The data presented by the company clearly show that the placing on the market of IQOS products with authorized information can help adult addicted smokers to move away from cigarettes and thus reduce their exposure to harmful substances. Of course, only if they completely give up cigarettes in favor of these products. The FDA will closely monitor how consumers use IQOS products. It should be emphasized that these products are not completely safe, so especially minors who do not currently use tobacco products should not use these products or any other tobacco product - says Zeller.

The FDA, by giving IQOS products Modified Risk Status (MRTP), confirmed that heating tobacco to a much lesser extent exposes users to harmful and potentially harmful substances than smoking "analog" cigarettes (so-called "exposure modification order") and as such is " appropriate for the promotion of public health 'because it benefits the entire population. Thus, IQOS are the first and so far the only alternative devices for cigarettes in the world that can boast of such status.

The FDA obviously points out that this is not a product whose use does not involve any risk. However, based on the available scientific evidence, the fact is that IQOS tobacco heaters can be seen as a beneficial change in habits when it comes to adult smokers who are not going to part with this addiction. In a nutshell: if someone insists that he will take nicotine, it will be much better to heat tobacco than to smoke it. Burning tobacco in a traditional cigarette takes place at a high temperature (close to 900 degrees Celsius), which means that a lot more harmful substances get into the smoker's lungs, inhaled along with toxic smoke.

Heating tobacco is a much "cleaner" (from the smoker's lungs perspective) reaction because it occurs at a lower temperature (below 350 degrees Celsius) and no cigarette smoke is generated. The FDA also claims that the switch to tobacco heaters will also reduce so-called passive smokers, i.e. people in the immediate vicinity of smokers. The aerosol produced when heating tobacco is not so harmful. There are more pros than cons here.

The stock market has already reacted to good news

By granting MRTP status to IQOS products, PMI shares went up by more than 3% in a flash

- The FDA's decision is a historic milestone in public health. Tens of millions of American men and women who smoke today will quit smoking. However, many cannot do it. The FDA decision allows informing adult smokers that switching to IQOS is a better choice for them than further smoking. - said CEO Philip Morris André Calantzopoulos.

Philip Morris became the first producer in the tobacco industry, which was the only one to receive a certificate for his technology, confirming its less harmfulness to smokers.

Nobody, of course, claims that applying nicotine in any form is healthy or safe for the human body, but if someone still can't refuse it, according to the FDA it is much better if instead of lighting a regular cigarette, it will heat up the tobacco refill.

The American FDA recognizes IQOS tobacco heaters as products appropriate for the promotion of public health


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