"That is why the nobility have blood to shed it." Hellish Quart is a Polish fight against 17th-century swords, sabers and rapiers

If you always thought that you would do even better with Bohun than Wołodyjowski, you will soon have a chance to prove it in the Polish video game Hellish Quart.

The Polish martial art of the saber is the subject of many interesting theoretical considerations. Our nobility allegedly fought completely different from what we saw in Jerzy Hoffman. A forgotten technique that the nobility learned from childhood was swift, broad and brutal "cross slashes" - attacks much more effective than modern parade art. It is interesting how the Polish developers from the Kubold studio approached the subject, for whom it is noble fencing that is the pillar of the new game.

Hellish Quart is a brawl focused on the 17th-century art of fencing.

Swords, sabers, swords and rapiers are moving, being the main combat tools in the Polish video game. The home brawl of the Kubold studio is to recreate the old fights with white weapons, with the clash of steel hitting steel. What's great and unusual, warriors won't get classic health bars. Instead, flags will appear to represent defense gaps and cuts received.

It seems that each of the rivals can make two mistakes. The third one will be fatal. In the trailer showing the Hellish Quart in an early version, we can see hands and heads being cut off. Without unnecessary brutality, but clearly showing that a piece of sharp steel enters the human body like a knife into butter. Most likely, we will get a title based on the high risk high reward foundation, where the cut itself will be only the last element of the nervous dance.

Hellish Quart is about to debut on Steam as an Early Access game.

Players buying a pig in a poke will have access to five of the twelve planned fighters. In addition, they will be able to fight in five out of twelve planned arenas. Over time, a fictional campaign will appear in Polish production. At the moment, those willing will play the classic arcade mode, as well as local PvP in front of one screen. Online matches will be added later, as will new music tracks or the ability to change warriors' clothing.

I am intrigued. Hellish Quart does not promise to be a global hit, but Poles from Kubold have found a very interesting niche. The concept of realistic fencing duels is something that comes up regularly in the industry with poor results. Perhaps the producers raised in Sienkiewicz will make a bigger breakthrough. Fingers crossed.

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"That is why the nobility have blood to shed it." Hellish Quart is a Polish fight against 17th-century swords, sabers and rapiers


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