Tesla: According to Elon Musk, fully autonomous driving at level 5 this year

According to Elon Musk, Tesla will achieve fully autonomous level 5 driving this year. According to the Tesla boss, nothing stands in the way of fully autonomous driving.

Elon Musk took part in a virtual question and answer session at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC) in Shanghai today. Musk oversees several projects involving AI, but the most outstanding is Tesla's effort to deliver a fully self-governing level 5 system.

"I am extremely confident that the level or essentially full autonomy will be achieved and I think this will happen very quickly. I think at Tesla I feel that we are very close to Level 5 autonomy… I think I'm still confident that we'll have the basic functionality for Level 5 autonomy this year. "

Elon Musk

Fully autonomous driving is not yet allowed in Germany

Before that, the system had to be tested on the open road. And there is a lot to test because "nothing is more complex and strange than the real world" .

The system at Tesla is called "Full-Self-Driving-Suite", which should cost EUR 7,500.00 and should enable fully autonomous driving. It is not yet ready for use, but can already be booked when you buy a Tesla.

However, it should not be possible to use it in Germany for years, because it is simply not permitted. A prerequisite for this is the nationwide 5G supply. And by the time we get there in this country, it will probably be in the middle of the decade.


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