Telegram will receive further innovations

Telegram has again received a new update. And there are many innovations on the devices.

Today's update includes profile videos along with improved features for nearby people, unlimited sharing and storage of files up to 2 GB each, thumbnails in the chat list and notifications, group statistics and much more.

Upload a video to your own profile - now works. If you wrote over the area "people nearby", you can now see how far away it is.

Chats of non-contacts can now be hidden directly, you can find them in your archive for later viewing. Groups with over 500 members now have detailed statistics on the activity and growth of the group.

From now on, Telegram users can send an unlimited number of files with up to 2 GB each, the music player has been optically revamped in Android and in the desktop version you can now store up to 3 accounts in the apps and thus switch accounts at any time without you deregister.

And of course I also have a Telegram group, of course you are welcome to drop by .

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