Soon we will have an effective vaccine against Lyme disease

The French company Valneva boasted about completing the third phase of clinical trials of its vaccine against Lyme disease. Let's hope that this preparation will go on sale as soon as possible .

Lyme disease is a disease caused by the spirochete bacteria (Borrelia burgdorferi), very often residing in the digestive tract of ticks. It is assumed that the spirochete tick on board can infect us with Lyme disease if it stays in our body for 24 to 36 hours.

Contrary to appearances, such a situation occurs quite often. Experts estimate that about half a million people in Europe and the United States infect Lyme disease, and given the global warming and the positive impact of this phenomenon on the tick population (there are more and more of them and they also feed more often in winter), this number will probably increase .

Effective vaccine against Lyme disease

So you have to admit that Valneva has excellent timing. The preparation developed by the French is based on the OspA surface protein found in spirochete cells and according to the manufacturer is effective against the six most common serotypes of these bacteria.

Valneva boasts that the vaccine was tested in a group of 572 adults in the third phase of clinical trials. None of them reported any serious side effects, and the preparation's effectiveness ranged from 82 to 96 percent. (depending on the particular group of respondents).

The next phase will consist in testing the preparation on a larger group of people, including children. In addition to testing the effectiveness itself, Valneva also wants to check whether the preparation guarantees long-term immunity, or whether it requires the use of the so-called booster injections. If this phase is successful, the Lyme vaccine will hit the market within five years.

We could have had the Lyme vaccine for a long time

It is a preparation developed by GlaxoSmithKline in the late 90s called LYMErix . Interestingly, it operated on the same principle and also successfully passed Phase 3 clinical trials. Unfortunately, three years after the vaccine was approved by the US FDA, its manufacturer decided to withdraw it.

The reason was the numerous protests of anti-vaccine movements, which accused the preparation of causing serious side effects, such as autism. The accusations had no basis whatsoever, but numerous lawsuits made people simply scared of the preparation, which caused its sales to decline.

Will history repeat itself? The anti-vaccine movement has grown in strength since then, so it is possible that another wave of unjustified panic over a completely safe vaccine is ahead.

On the other hand, global warming has made Lyme disease an increasingly common disease, which is why the need for effective protection against it is certainly greater than in the early 2000s. does not need to vaccinate. Unfortunately, logic probably never convinced any anti-vaccine worker.

Soon we will have an effective Lyme disease vaccine


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