So much criticism that Sony and Microsoft have removed the game preview from YouTube. Gamer Girl is supposed to duplicate negative stereotypes

Gamer Girl is an upcoming video game in which we play the role of a moderator of the popular srtreamer channel. The title Gamer Girl is a girl with a significant community who gets caught up in an intrigue worthy of an amateur thriller.

We had to live in times when on the trunk sells the "water after bathing" of popular Belle Delphine cewebryka. The same enterprising woman just sold her condom series. Media persona created by the most popular streamers in the world translate into the reception of women in the world of games. A reception that doesn't lack criticism, jealousy, hostility, and sometimes even hatred.

Gamer Girl is a game designed to show how demanding a girl's channel is.

Gamer Girl is the upcoming FMV production using ready-made video to build narrative. The player's task is to make the right decisions based on which the next movie scenes are played. A bit like textual adventure games or visual stories popular in Japan, but using the talent of real actors.

In Gamer Girl, the player turns into a moderator of a popular streamer. We influence what comments appear on the girl's channel, and help her make key decisions for the script. In this way, we become a partner of cewebrytka, getting to know the environment streamers, YouTube and Twitch.

A gigantic criticism has fallen on the trailer announcing Gamer Girl.

As the editor of the PPE portal notes, the negative reactions under the trailers were so strong that both Sony and Microsoft, withdrew the advertising material from their YouTube channels. The clip has become private and can no longer be played. This is how both game console manufacturers want to cut themselves off from the allegations that have fallen on the producers of Gamer Girl.

According to some Internet users, the upcoming FMV title reproduces negative stereotypes about women in the world of video games. Critics point to the permanently visible cleavage of the main heroine, and also speculate that the blonde is not overly intelligent, and to do everything that is required of her and what is suggested to her. Gamer Girl is supposed to record the negative image of women using their body to build popularity.

Publishers refute allegations. In their opinion, Gamer Girl plays in a female team.

In the official series of comments on Twitter, the producers argue their case. According to them, Gamer Girl is a title that increases public awareness about how user comments affect the well-being and mental health of streamers. The game is to warn against toxicity of seemingly anonymous Internet users.

The creators note that behind the script for Gamer Girl is a woman - Alexandra Burton - who is also the actress of the main role. The publisher also informs about four years of talks and interviews with streamers, which led to the creation of reliable material suitable for conversion into a video game script.

So much criticism that Sony and Microsoft have removed the game preview from YouTube. Gamer Girl is supposed to duplicate negative stereotypes


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