Smart TV for two hundred. Xiaomi TV Stick - first impressions

Xiaomi Mi TV Stick is probably the cheapest and best way to equip your old TV with smart functions. This equipment, costing only PLN 200, will meet the expectations of most users.

Xiaomi is known primarily for the production of smartphones, but this company probably creates every possible type of consumer electronics. The Smart TV market is doing particularly well, as exemplified by the next Mi Box models. They allow you to add to your TV the Android TV system and all related benefits, such as convenient access to virtually all important VoD services in Poland and a wide range of applications.

Mi Boxes have gained immense popularity due to their excellent price-quality ratio. It was impossible to find a better Smart TV for PLN 300. Now Xiaomi has decided to go to an even lower price shelf and released the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick, which costs about PLN 200 , and is to provide the same functions as the more expensive model. And I can already say that it actually does. Its only significant disadvantage is the fact that it only supports FullHD resolution, not 4K.

Xiaomi Mi TV Stick differs from Mi Boxes primarily in its form.

We are not dealing here with an attachment standing under the TV, but a miniature finger attached directly to the HDMI port. I must admit that it has an absolutely bland appearance and extremely poor workmanship, but ... it does not bother me, because the equipment is always hidden behind the screen.

It is worth making sure, however, that we will be able to put it on the TV without blocking additional HDMI ports, because the adapter itself is quite bulky. It is strange that Xiaomi has not added a short HDMI extension to the set, as Amazon does in the case of FireTV Stick. In case of problems you will have to buy such an accessory yourself.

Xiaomi Mi TV Stick is equipped only with an HDMI plug, through which you can plug it into the TV, and a microUSB port to power the device (plug and cable are included). This means that it can be powered both from the socket and directly from the TV. I decided on the first option myself, because my quite old TV after switching off does not supply electricity to USB ports. Because of this, each screen launch began with a tens of seconds loading sequence of Android TV. In addition, without power it was not possible to simultaneously start the set-top box and TV using the HDMI-CEC function, which I wanted.

This function is useful because it allows you to practically get rid of the TV remote control and replace it with the remote control included with the Mi TV Stick. When we start / stop the snap-in, it will automatically turn on / off the screen. As a result, we will be able to use our equipment like a real Smart TV. The TV remote control will be useful to us only when we want to bury in the settings, change the image source or watch classic television. Rare enough that you can forget about the additional remote control.

Xiaomi Mi TV Stick just works.

We are dealing here with a small, but comfortable remote control made of matt plastic. It has buttons for starting / stopping, navigation, changing the volume, quick launching of Netflix and Prime Video services (the latter is not excessively popular in Poland), as well as calling the Google Assistant. The box has no remote control batteries (2 x AAA) and you have to buy them yourself.

As for the system, we have Android TV 9 installed here, i.e. full-fledged software created for large screens. Both the interface and the programs are ideally suited to televisions. Xiaomi has not decided to litter the system with any additions, so the whole thing works and looks like ... Android TV on every other device.

So we get access to virtually every popular video content site in Poland, including the online version of Canal +. You can not complain about performance, although at first I was afraid that 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal memory is not enough for comfortable operation. Fortunately, I was wrong, and the Mi TV Stick works as smoothly as the Mi Box S equipped with 2 GB RAM. Nothing stutters.

It is also worth remembering that Xiaomi Mi TV Stick has a built-in Chromecast, so you can easily transfer content from smartphones and computers to it, as well as clone the screen. This last feature is useful for conveniently presenting without using a computer. Another interesting add-on is the voice assistant that will allow us to control intelligent devices at home, provide necessary information from the search engine, such as the weather forecast, or allow convenient start of a given application.

Xiaomi Mi TV Stick is a very good and cheap Smart TV adapter.

It is simple equipment that just works as it should. We hide it behind the TV, plug it in and ... that's it. Mi TV Stick, despite its smaller dimensions and lower price, provides the same functions and identical comfort of operation as the Mi Box. Of course, when we need FullHD video. And it does not have to stand under the TV, so no one will notice that we have equipment in Xiaomi and at home it does not overflow.

Some people may also wonder whether to buy Mi TV Stick instead of Chromecast and here the answer is again yes. The Xiaomi appetizer has a built-in Chromecast and additionally offers a full TV interface and remote control. It will be appreciated by people who do not want to use a smartphone, tablet or computer to broadcast content on a TV.

So if you want to equip your TV with smart features, I recommend you do it with the help of Xiaomi Mi TV Stick. You can buy it on Allegro, from the Mi-Sklep seller , who provided us with a test appetizer and is currently the only one to offer this product from the Polish warehouse.

Smart TV for two hundred. Xiaomi TV Stick - first impressions


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