Shadowlands beta testing starts next week. Blizzard spread information about the World of Warcraft expansion pack

During the Shadowlands Developer Update event, Blizzard shared a handful of information about the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion pack.

The gaming industry, like any other, got out of pocket by the coronavirus epidemic. The best, paradoxically, were the companies that are quietly doing their job and do not reveal details, e.g. planned premieres.

This is how it is with Blizzard and his famous "when it's ready". When does Overwatch 2 come out? Nobody knows. For this we know, more or less, when the awaited expansion for World of Warcraft, or Shadowlands.

Why awaited? Because he has a lot of hope associated with it , in particular a return to the quality of so-called retail or the "shelf" version of WoW. It can't be hidden that the hearts of the players were stolen not by the last addition - but by World of Warcraft Classic, i.e. raw and crude, but having a charming return to the "vanilla" Warcraft.

John Hight and game director Ion Hazzikostas starred as the host of the Shadowlands Developer Update virtual meeting.

Here's what we found out.

World of Warcraft : Shadowlands beta testing will start next week

If you want to explore the world of Shadowlands before, you're in luck. The public beta stage begins. Anyone who has the option to play beta in their account panel has the chance to be invited. You must also have an active World Of Warcraft subscription.

The first invitations will be sent next week. During the beta, the maximum character level will be increased to level 60, and most elements and game mechanics are ready. The player will have the opportunity to create a character prepared to play in Shadowlands.

It is worth recalling that in Shadowlands character development will be completely remodeled. People who play WoW for the first time will start from the starting levels in Exile's Reach, and then be ready for content from Battle For Azeroth, and then on Shadolands - these two add-ons constitute the whole story.

However, players who already know the game will be able to choose which add-on they want to reach level 50 needed to go to the shadow lands. In this way, we will "level" the game in any favorite add-on.

We know what the Shadowlands Collector's Edition looks like

The Shadowlands Collector's Edition box will match the size and style with the others. However, it is fabulously colorful and covered with shimmering material. The front is inspired - a small spoiler - the scene where Sylwanas destroys the Lich King's helmet. On the side we have symbols covenants - faction counterparts in this expansion.

And what can we find inside? In addition to the usual handful of electronic add-ons and a 30-day game code, we have physical goods:

  • Album with pictures from the game in hardback.
  • A set of four pins - covenant symbols (Ion joked that if we choose one, the others will be destroyed - he referred in this way to the fact that in the game we will be able to choose only one of the covenants).
  • Mouse pad.
  • Game soundtrack.

As they said in Chernobyl, not great, not terrible .

When is the premiere of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands?

The game will debut in 2020, probably in the fall. What does it mean? That it should appear in stores before December 24, the beginning of the calendar winter. Better such information than none.

Covenant support will result in your own in-game area

As in the case of previous additions (farm in Pandaria, or garrison in Dreanor), we will have our own place where we can relax and order missions.

Depending on the covenant we put in the game, our area will be something else. Sanctum - because this is what the new seat will be called collectively - is to differ radically between covenants - not only in appearance but also in what we can do there.

The missions ordered in the game are to differ from those known from previous additions, and will be presented on a two-dimensional interactive board in the form of a mini-game.

The Maw is to be the area at the beginning and end of the game

At the beginning of the game we run from The Maw at the hands of "Jailer" who traps souls. After passing the entire game, we can go back there - it will be a dangerous and hostile area of ​​the final game in Shadowlands. Apparently it is supposed to be hardcore - we are threatened with death literally from all sides.

Soon. But are we already in the land of the dead? Well, Shadowlands can be an interesting feature add-on.

Shadowlands beta testing starts next week. Blizzard spread information about the World of Warcraft expansion pack


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