Scientists have created a colleague. He is a robot and has already made his first discovery

He works for (almost) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, he does not dream of vacation, he does not get sick and he has already made one important discovery. This is a robot scientist, created at the University of Liverpool.

Engineers are a specific type of people who try to make life easier for themselves and for others at every opportunity. Not always effective, but when it comes to a laboratory robot, it's difficult to question both the idea and its implementation. The robot was created thanks to Dr. Benjamin Burger, the main machine builder, who came to the conclusion that a huge part of the laboratory work, which is often repetitive and a bit boring, can be successfully automated, and Professor Andrew Cooper, who managed the entire project.

Laboratory robot

This is how the first independent laboratory-robot was created, which was built using the Kuka robotic arm. The machine can independently move around the laboratory and operate most of the laboratory equipment - from pouring reagents to checking the results of experiments. What's more, Burger's team equipped it with fairly complex machine learning algorithms, thanks to which the robot can independently evaluate a given experiment and, if necessary, improve it a bit.

Cooper in his scientific work, which appeared in the pages of the journal Nature, describes that in the first 8 days the final version of the robot-laboratory made 688 experiments, carrying out a total of 6.5 thousand. activities, which took her 172 hours in total. The robot is able to work 21.5 hours a day. He spends the remaining 2.5 hours charging the batteries. The loading time can also be used for servicing, but Burger does not mention any major problems with the operation of the machine he created.

The first robot discovery

Cooper, unfortunately, does not reveal too many details about this immortal moment. We only know that the robot managed to find a new catalyst that accelerates the chemical reaction (we do not know which one) and makes it about six times more efficient than that made using the old catalyst, discovered yet by people.

The creator of the robot emphasizes several times that the goal of the entire project was not to replace human lab technicians with machines. It is about cooperation between man and machine, whereby the robot deals with all boring, repetitive and time consuming tasks, thanks to which man has more time for tasks and creative work.

Scientists have created a colleague. He is a robot and has already made his first discovery


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