Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra: new press photo and hands-on video revealed

There is now a new press photo for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and a hands-on video of the new flagship has also appeared.

The new press photo is not spectacular, it shows the already well-known back of the phone. Three large camera lenses and the S Pen can be seen. Just like the picture leaked weeks ago.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra (Source: Ishan Agarwal @ ishanagarwal24)

The exposed Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Hands-On video is much more interesting. Because this gives an outlook on the new camera features that have already been hinted at.

Samsung Galaxy note 20 Ultra: A first look at the new camera features

Earlier reports had indicated that the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, despite using a periscope camera system, would not use the same 100x space zoom as the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. It is believed that Samsung has made significant improvements to the camera.

The maximum zoom level has been reported to be limited to 50x, and this is exactly what this video shows. The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra supports 5x optical and up to 50x space zoom in 10x, 20x and 50x magnification.

Pro video mode is also designed to give users the ability to change the resolution and record video in 21: 9 aspect ratio with a resolution of up to 8K.

It seems that Android's Nearby Share feature will come on Samsung devices with One UI 2.5 and will ship with the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series by default. Nearby Share is Google's very own AirDrop competitor. Samsung has already brought a similar function to its devices with One UI 2.1 with Quick Share.

Ishan Agarwal @ ishanagarwal24

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