Samsung Galaxy Note 20 expected with interesting camera features

Samsung fans are counting down until August 5 when the company will finally unveil the Galaxy Note 20 series.

More information has now surfaced, especially about the new camera features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20. Some of them will be completely new, while some known features will be further improved with the upcoming flagship.

The new information comes from @MaxWinebach, who is known to always be very well informed.

Camera functions of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 sound promising

As he has now found out, in Pro Video mode you can now choose which microphone you want to use - front, back, both front and back, a Bluetooth or USB microphone. This will offer great flexibility to those who stream or log in with their smartphone. It will also be possible to adjust the video resolution in this mode.

Histogram and focal length tools will also be available, which allows for more precise composition when shooting content with the camera. Single Take, the AI-supported function that was first introduced with the Samsung Galaxy S20, will be improved. Currently, the clips only last up to 5 seconds, the users of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 will be able to set a duration between 5 and 15 seconds.

Samsung will also enable 21: 9 aspect ratio video recording with up to 8K resolution.

These features and improvements will contribute significantly to the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series offering a well-rounded camera experience.

Max Weinbach @MaxWinebach

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