Rocket Arena is now open! On this occasion, Spider’s Web, Antyweb, PPE, Komputer Świat, IGN and WP compete

Exactly today Rocket Arena premieres - the first hero shooter from Electronic Arts. On this occasion, we take part in a special tournament, competing with other Polish editorial teams. We will not sell cheap leather.

Spider's Web, Antyweb, PPE, Komputer Świat, IGN and WP - leading technological editors of the Polish Internet will face the moment in a rocket duel. Three-person teams are already polishing weapons and checking equipment. The stakes in battle are high: the dominant title in the first hero shooter game from Electronic Arts.

Rocket Arena today has its global premiere.

The team from Final Strike Games has created a network hero shooter - a game that involves selecting a champion and then using his unique skills during PvP combat. Representatives of this species include Paladins and Overwatch. Rocket Arena is distinguished by the weapons used: the title rockets are very powerful tools, but require a lot of mastery and considerable accuracy.

Rocked Arena also borrows an interesting element from brawlers. Instead of killing enemies, push them out of the arena. Of course using rockets, explosions and special skills. The more damage our champion receives, the greater its susceptibility to launching out of the arena. This interesting rule significantly complicates and diversifies network clashes. Playing the pre-release edition, I felt like I was playing Super Smash Bros.

We wish our rivals good luck, but we will not sell cheap leather.

The editors of Spider's Web, Antyweb, PPE, Komputer Świat, IGN and WP are already in the pre-match lobby, training before the tournament. Of course, you can expect an honest and reliable account of this event, published some time later in Spider's Web. If we win, it will be thanks to our incredible skills. If we lose, it's obviously lag and servers.

More importantly, anyone interested can play at Rocket Arena. The title just premiered on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC (Steam and Origin). On this occasion, the premiere trailer was created that you can see above. It is worth adding that Rocket Arena is the first EA title fully supporting the cross-play standard. Thanks to this, we will probably never complain about the lack of people willing to play together online.

Rocket Arena is now open! On this occasion, Spider's Web, Antyweb, PPE, Komputer Świat, IGN and WP stand up


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