Return of the space dragon. Crew Dragon returns to Earth

Astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley will return to Earth aboard the Crew Dragon on August 2. This flight will be the second and final part of the test mission that took off from Earth towards the International Space Station (ISS) in late May.

According to current plans, announced by NASA, the astronauts will travel from the ISS to the Crew Dragon on August 1 to reach Earth the next day. Of course, the weather conditions on our planet will determine the final date of return. Unmooring the ship from the space station will end Behnken and Hurley's two-month stay on board the ISS. During this time, the astronauts had their hands full, and Behnken made several space walks during which he replaced aging batteries located outside the station.

Returning to Earth will be the final step in the entire Crew Dragon certification process.

A successful one will confirm that the ship is able to safely bring astronauts into orbit around the Earth, and then deliver them back to Earth. The capsule is equipped with a thermal shield that will protect passengers from high temperatures that appear when they enter the Earth's atmosphere. The Crew Dragon is equipped with a set of four parachutes that will open when the ship is closer to Earth. Their task is to reduce the speed of the capsule so that it can gently descend to the surface of the Atlantic Ocean, from where astronauts will be picked up by a nearby ship.

If all goes well, the landing in the ocean will end the Crew Dragon manned test flight Demonstration Mission 2, DM-2.

The first non-test flight of the Dragon Crew is currently scheduled for the second half of September. During it, four astronauts will fly to the station.

Return of the space dragon. Crew Dragon returns to Earth


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