Redmi AirDots 2 TWS headphones are priced at 79 yuan in China

In March last year Rdmy brand, supported by Xiaomi , its true wireless headphones AirDots Rdmy to 99 yuan was launched. The headphones became so popular that they sold 3 million units within a few months of their release.

A few months ago in April, the company launched another product called the Redmi AirDots S with better connectivity. The company now offers the next generation of true wireless headphones, the Redmi AirDots 2.

The headphones will be available for financing in China starting July 22 at a price of 79 yuan ($ 11) and will reach a price of 99 yuan (about $ 14) at the end of this period.

Equipped with a 7.2mm audio driver, Redmi claims to offer low-frequency output power as well as smooth, high-frequency sound and medium-frequency sound. In addition, these headphones support ambient noise reduction technology, so whenever you call, it eliminates unnecessary ambient noise for better sound clarity.

One of the major differences between Redmi AirDots and AirDots 2 is the Bluetooth chip update. Thanks to the newer Bluetooth 5.0 chip in these headphones, the connection speed is faster and more stable, and the data transfer speed is improved compared to the previous model.

When these headphones are touched twice, it activates XiaoAI Voice Assistant, which supports several different functions, including finding my phone, navigating, messaging on WeChat, taking photos, and more.

Looking at the specifications and features of the Redmi AirDots 2, we find that these headphones are almost similar to the Redmi AirDots S that was launched a few months ago.

AirDots 2 headphones are lightweight and each phone weighs only 4.1 grams. The company has three series of small, medium and large series to ensure better fixation in the ear of each user. Regarding the battery life, it should be said that it offers 4 hours of continuous playback, but with the charging chamber, it offers a maximum of 12 hours of playback.

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