Prepare scripts and scanners. A million dollar reward has been set for identifying Twitter hackers

Twitter has recently fallen victim to a compromising attack that resulted in numerous profiles posting spam related to cryptocurrencies. The BitTorrent CEO is not going to let this happen.

No, the world is not crazy. Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Elon Musk and the rest of the great of this world are not persuading us for a cryptocurrency scam that will probably be robbed. And no, the first tweet ever from Apple's official Twitter account is not phishing. All the fault of Twitter, which fell victim to a hacker attack . And this is quite a compromising attack, because it also suffered the image of the nobles and celebrities who use Twitter as the main tool for contacting their audience.

The details of the attack are unknown. We don't know who made it or even how many people participated in the crime. Twitter has not even announced how it happened - so what happened that hackers could take control of the most influential accounts. The owner of one of them is not going to wait idly - he wants to help Twitter by setting an award for pointing out criminals.

One million dollars for identifying the hackers who are responsible for the Twitter attack .

Justin Sun, Twitter influencer and CEO of BitTorrent (p2p networks) and Tron (cryptocurrency) announced that he is setting a million dollar reward for the person who will indicate the perpetrator or perpetrators of the attack. The injured Twitterowicz also claims that he acts in consultation with Twitter himself.

What is amazing about the attack itself is how little we know about it. It is not clear whether this is because the hackers so blurred their tracks or because Twitter does not want to share this information. The million dollar reward for hacker heads sounds like a strong motivation - but I'm afraid we'll never know the identity of the perpetrators. At least the motive is obvious: quick and easy (sic!) Earnings.

Prepare scripts and scanners. A million dollar reward has been set for identifying Twitter hackers


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