PLN 5,000 fine for taking garbage to the forest! Photo-traps will track the perpetrators

The Minister of the Environment, Michał Woś, announced that the penalties for littering in forests will be tightened and the number of camera traps to be installed in forests will increase.

Litter in the forest is a scourge that threatens the entire environment. You don't believe? Here are some statistics: Each year, the State Forests spend about PLN 20 million on cleaning forest areas. 115 thousand are exported from the forest backwoods. m3 of waste. It is over 1000 railway cars filled to the brim with rubbish.

Garbage in the forest

Despite changes in the regulations on waste management, our forests are still littered. The main reasons for this are not very revealing: the risk of detecting this practice is quite low, and even if such a garbage collector falls into it, the penalty for such an offense is relatively low.

Now that will change. In the draft amendment to the regulations, the Minister of the Environment proposes that the courts, apart from the ten times higher fines, should order vandals to clean up the forest.

The fines would be raised from 500 to 5,000. zł. The draft also includes a proposal to introduce judgments on socially useful works, consisting in cleaning green areas and surcharges in the amount equal to the costs of waste disposal.

But it is not everything. In addition to greater penalties, the Ministry of Environment has also announced an increase in the number of camera traps that will be set up in the forests, as well as night vision cameras and drones. Already existing wildlife camera traps very effectively track perpetrators of forest offenses. Such a recording from a camera trap is a full-fledged evidence in court, because usually these devices are able to capture both the faces of the perpetrators and the registration numbers of their cars.

- First of all, we focus on the inevitability of punishment for forest vandals so that their actions will not be without consequences. Secondly, there is a penalty - much higher fines and, above all, the obligation to clean up after yourself at your own expense. I am convinced that such an uncompromising fight for the purity of our nature will quickly bring tangible results and the forests will breathe - says Minister of the Environment Michał Woś.

Perfect change

It is another good decision of the State Forests. Greater penalties and higher detectability of garbage collectors are a benefit for all those who like to go out for a walk in the forest from time to time. People who leave order (i.e. take their garbage with them) do not have to worry about anything.

Let us also add that the State Forests, as part of the test project, also introduced legal camping zones in the forest. Also, with a little willingness on our part, we can bring about a situation in which our forests are clean and open to visitors. And this is what it should be like in a civilized country.

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PLN 5,000 fine for taking garbage to the forest! Photo-traps will track the perpetrators


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