PlayStation and Steam can rest easy. Xbox did not impress

I am fresh from the Xbox Game Studios game show and I must admit - I have very mixed feelings. And yet I am a fan of the brand. Apparently there was a lot, as if it was different ... but what my colleague Szymon aptly describes as God's spark was missing.

The Xbox game show is behind us. We already know what to expect in the next several months on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X. And, we must admit, there is a lot of it. Dozens (hundreds?) Of games from Microsoft's partners will soon appear on its platform, including versions adapted to the capabilities provided by the most powerful of all consoles on the Xbox Series X market.

What about Xbox Game Studios ? It looks like the only game for the Xbox Series X launch will be Halo: Infinite . In addition, the new Halo - which was supposed to sweep away , which has a record budget and everything and everything - does not look terribly good. It looks visually attractive, but actually what we've seen is just the same game in ultra detail . This time with the open world, but that's it. Cool, I like this series, but it's not exactly a killer that will make the masses rush for new gear.

What else? I honestly don't remember it. Everwild looks wonderful - not only in technical terms - but I still don't know what the game is about. The rest looked… interesting. But is this another Gears of War ? Another Alan Wake ? Lost Odyssey? That I will not mention The Last of Us or God of War .

As if that wasn't enough, we learned nothing about the power of the Xbox Series X again . Not much about the games themselves.

The pre-rendered trailers were fun for the first generation of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 . These were the times when the gaming market underwent a kind of metamorphosis, and video games were becoming widely accepted as an entertainment medium as intellectually mature as cinema or television. The sneak peak of an interesting story was exciting. But we've got used to it already, and from the game show we expect a show of… well, games. So how is it played. This scene from Fable is fun, but it says nothing about the game.

Similarly, we have not yet received materials from the Xbox Series X console. The games demonstrated are to work on many different platforms, from the weakest Xbox One S , through the Xbox X Series, to the most efficient PCs. Nowhere has it been reported that we are watching scenes rendered from the console. So materials from expensive development PCs were almost certainly shown. Maybe the Xbox Series X will provide similar quality, but we don't know. And we certainly do not find out from the Microsoft show. Poorly.

I get the impression that Xbox is doing its best when it comes to games… except for games.

We already know that the Xbox Series X will be the most efficient console on the market (although we have yet to find out if the even faster PlayStation 5 mass memory will have any meaning). We already appreciate the well-functioning Xbox Live and Xbox Game Pass . Xbox is almost unrivaled in terms of taking care of players in terms of equipment and services.

Worse with games. For now, Xbox Game Studios hits are actually only Forza Horizon , Forza Motorsport , Minecraft and Sea of ​​Thieves . Subjectively, I will find many more great games from Microsoft's stable, but I don't live in an alternate reality and I realize that most players have a different opinion. There is not much left of the heyday of the Xbox 360, when Remedy, Epic Games and Bungie were in the family of Microsoft studios.

Considering the hardware and services, I am invariably extremely hot on the Xbox X Series. Yes, when it comes to gaming consoles, I am an immature, enthusiastic kid. I choose it because new games will look best on the Xbox Series X (I do not like to play on PC, only the console is at stake) and the Xbox Game Pass allows me to check out a lot of games that I probably wouldn't have discovered if I was afraid to buy blind. The narrative on Xbox no games is consistently false.

However, invariably, Sony's narrative of the best exclusive games is likely to apply. From what we saw at the PlayStation show and then at the Xbox show - the Sony presentation made a bigger impression on me. As in this generation, I will choose the Microsoft console. As in this generation, it will have more great games than I can play. However, if someone counted on Microsoft's answer to Horizon Zero Dawn or Uncharted, then - at least for now - has the right to feel disappointed.

PlayStation and Steam can rest easy. Xbox did not impress


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