Parkstrom and GSG Berlin: 110 charging points are being built

Parkstrom and GSG Berlin want to build 110 charging points. The locations are to be equipped with charging infrastructure for electric cars. It is also planned to build more than 30 fast chargers in Berlin.

The charging infrastructure in Berlin is moving ahead. So far, the capital has not looked so rosy. But now the industrial estate company GSG Berlin, the charging service provider Parkstrom, has decided to build 110 charging points in Berlin.

A total of 50 charging points are to be set up at 13 locations by 2020. There are already 16 charging points at the GSG location in Amperium am Humboldthain, and charging systems have also been installed and put into operation at three other locations.

Electric cars should also be of interest to tenants

The GSG wants to make the locations more attractive for their tenants. So far, tenants have had to rely on charging stations somewhere in the city. So you would almost have them on the doorstep.

The GSG Berlin will all cost 1.5 million euros over the next three years. If the need should be greater, then of course more charging points should be built.

The DC charging stations, which produce between 75 and 150 kW, will initially only be activated for the tenants with special charging cards. The entry fee is EUR 1.00; the kilowatt hour costs 50 cents.

In the future, however, the payment process should be switched to Giro-e. This could then be used to conveniently pay for the normal current account.


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