Palladium s Tesla secret project: New Model S and Model X are coming

Electrek has discovered a new Tesla secret project called "Palladium" that includes some important updates to the Model S and Model X.

Sources have now confirmed that Tesla has a secret project code-named "Palladium" that is currently being used in the Fremont factory and the Gigafactory in Nevada.

Not much is known about the project as Tesla splits the information across the organization, but the existence has been confirmed by various sources.

The project involves building new production lines for updated versions of the Model S and Model X. It is still unclear how far the Palladium update will go, but it sounds like it might matter.

According to people familiar with the matter, the new palladium update will include new battery modules and drive units that will serve as the basis for the upcoming "Plaid" version of Model S and Model X.

The new powertrain will allow a three-engine configuration for plaid and will be more powerful and efficient. The final figures are not yet available.

Another source said it was more than the powertrain, and one employee even referred to a new "Palladium Body Model S and Model X" - which means that the new version of the vehicles will have a different body.

When Tesla started testing early prototypes of the Model S Plaid, there were some body modifications, but it wasn't clear whether Tesla was planning to get them into the production version.

Tesla is currently modernizing the production lines at its Fremont and Nevada plants as part of the new palladium project. The exact time of the market launch is still unclear, but it is believed that Tesla will present it on its "Battery Day" in September.


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